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Palm launches webOS in 2009 as a sucessor to the popular PalmOS. It first appeared on the original Palm Pre.

In a little over a year, HP aqquires Palm, with webOS as a key reason for the 1.3 Billion dollar purchase.

In 2013, HP licenses webOS to LG to be used in their line of smart TVs.

In 2014, HP kills all remaining webOS hardware, cutting off offical support.

There is still a community that continually supports the OPEN webOS Project.


FaceBook App Version 1.1.0 Update

The facebook app has been updated to version 1.1.0, bringing some much needed features.

New Features: 

  • Enhanced Inbox – Now, your inbox lets you compose, send, and reply, so you can always access your Facebook messages.
  • Photo albums – Now you can view photo albums from all your friends, not just the photos in their news feeds. Uploading photos is easier as well, and includes the ability to add captions.
  • Profiles – The new app lets you view users' profiles, whether they are your friends or not. View and post to their walls, view their information, and see their photo albums (subject to privacy settings, of course).
  • Events and birthdays – Now you can see upcoming birthdays from your friend list as well as upcoming events.
  • Friend search – Easily find your friends using the Friend Search feature. This takes you to their profile, where you can see and post to their wall, view their information, and look at their photos.



webOS 1.4 Available Now!

The long overdue webOS 1.4 is now available for download OTA.


webOS 1.4 Changelog leaked? 

It looks like the changelog for webOS 1.4 has already been leaked. It's said to include video recording and Flash 10.1 beta.


  • Time Zone bug Fix

  • Network time sync bug fix to reflect accuratenetwork time

  • BT car-kit transition to device corrected

  • No EV-Icon bug fixed (random)

  • Random browser formatting bug fixed

  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming

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Palm Pre coming to AT&T in May?


According to a new FCC filing confidentiality request filed by Palm, the Palm Pre may be coming to AT&T, this May. Mark your calendar, if you like AT&T.

[via Gizmodo]


Bell Palm Pre Drops to $0


 With the imminent release of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, Bell has dropped the price tag once again on its Palm Pre, but this time to a impressive $0. The catch is you're still required to be chained up to Bell for a whooping 3 years. Or $99 for 2 Years, $199 for a single year or Unlocked for $349. Maybe Sprint should do the same...


AT&T Pre and Pixi with webOS 1.3.8 spotted in Server Logs


The folks over at PreCentral has spotted server logs showing both the Palm Pre and Pixi running on AT&T IPs - running webOS version 1.3.8. But rest assure that webOS 1.4 lands in February. Sprint got on the Pre first, now Verizon gets webOS devices on the network before AT&T, and AT&T is next.


Palm at CES 2010. Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, 3D Gaming and more!

 So Palm is back at CES this year and they surprised us all again! 

Here's what is coming down the Palm pipeline:

  • Verizon is brining 2 revamped webOS Smartphones. The Palm Pre Plus, it sports a 16GB storage opposed to 8GB, coming standard with inductive charging back covers, and removal of the useless center button. And the Palm Pixi Plus, which now comes in pink, green, blue, orange, or black. Wifi capability, check. Both devices is hits Jan 25th.
  • With the introduction of the 'Plus' devices, there will be a new App called 'Hot Spot' which allows you to Tether to multiple devices.
  • WebOS 1.4 will bring Video Recording, editing and sharing right on your Pre or Pixi.
  • Flash 10.1 plugin coming to the Pre and Pre Plus soon. No Pixi. 
  • Pre and Pixi shipping in France in the 2Q from Vodafone.
  • 3D Gaming baby!
  • Palm App distribution can happen anywhere on the web! Palm's demo: Project Appetite
  • New development tool, the PDK Plugin, which allows devs to implement C/C++ plugins to their webOS apps. Graphic extensive apps, no problem.

[via FoneFrenzy]