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Video: Palm Pixi Walk Through webOS


Untitled from FoneFrenzy on Vimeo.

The following video is a full walk through feature of the Palm Pixi and webOS. The overall handset is probably one of the best built phones I have held in my hand. The video is basic walk through of the Palm Pixi and webOS features the handset provides.


Palm Pre Finally Coming to China?

Reports are sprouting up again that Palm's Pre is headed to a telecom in China soon. As reported back in August on Engadget, it states [via Financial Times] "China Telecom is planning to offer the Palm to its subscribers."

Cut to November 2009 and today a Reuters article states: "China Telecom hopes to have released BlackBerry handsets by the end of the year or early next year, said the source, adding that the firm is also in talks with Palm to release Palm smartphones in the same time period."

The fact that China Telecom needs competitive phones like the Pre and Blackberry's in their lineup to compete with the big boys bodes well for the smaller company. This would result in better, world-wide exposure for the webOS and allow Palm to develop even better handsets in the long run.


Palm Pre Drops to $80 At Best Buy For 3 Days Only

Oh Palm Pre, why do you torment us so much? With the Holidays around the corner this week, two major shopping events are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The one time of year retailers have to 'get into the black' for the year.

The coming weekend deals will be plentiful for two reasons: Retailers aren't making the dough like they used too and the economy is still in the tank despite what the Wall Street wants you to hear.

With that, Best Buy has decided to bring you the Palm Pre for $79.99 for three days only beginning with Black Friday. So if you have been sitting on the fence since June to pick up a Pre, now is a good as time as any to head on over to Best Buy and grab yourself a pretty good deal.


webOS How To: webOS Application Wake Up For Background Tasks Even Without An Open Window

When you think of a Web application, you think of going to an HTML page that then loads scripts and resources to display functionality. Applications in general do not always fit that model. If you launch an “application” like Growl on the Mac, a window doesn’t launch. It merrily kicks off a service in the background.

The same is possible in the world of webOS and browser extension systems. One of the user experiences that I enjoy on webOS is the notification system. Non-modal, and any application can tie into it. There are various levels of notifications:

  • Banners: Thin bottom line one liner that appears quickly
  • Icons: Notifications are grouped together in time
  • Dashboards: Larger areas. A DOM window so you can put controls in there. For example, the media dashboard lets you play, pause, etc.
  • Popups: Even richer larger actionable areas

More on these notifications in another post. If you have an application that wants to tie into the notification system you can do so even if a window isn’t open.

I wanted to find out how to do this, and luckily Mitch Allen has a simple example of this in his RSS News application that he builds in his book on Palm webOS.

I hope to offer a simpler API specialized for this, but it is quite trivial to do thanks to the Power service. The timeout service is located via palm://com.palm.power/timeout and there are various properties that you can pass in to do the real work when you are woken up. What application should be opened? What task should be run when opened? That is all tied in via the application manager service (e.g. see the palm://com.palm.applicationManager/open service below).

[via Almaer Blog]



Adobe Bringing Flash 10.1 To webOS In First Half Of 2010


Adobe has announced that Flash Player 10.1 will be coming to a webOS device to you in the first half of 2010. Hope this will mean sooner (like January) than later.

On October 5th of this year at Adobe Max, Adobe Labs announced the release of the Flash 10.1 player and would be available in a Beta program to users. In a statement released on Adobe Labs website, it states "Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 is the first runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. With support for a broad range of mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks and other Internet-connected devices, Flash Player 10.1 allows your content to reach your customers wherever they are. A beta is expected to be available for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and desktop systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year."

The Open Screen Project was institued by an industry-wide initiative, led by Adobe and backed by other industry leaders who all share one clear vision: Enable consumers to engage with rich Internet experiences seamlessly across any device, anywhere.

See the video below to see how the webOS will look with Flash 10.1.


Paid Apps Hits the App Catalog [Update] Full list of new Paid and Free apps

Today it's official. The first PAID Palm Pre app has hit the Palm App Catalog. The new paid app is brought to us by Acceleroto, the app Air Hockey was released today on the Palm Pre. Also, they have produced Occurro!, a space shooter combat game.

The Air Hockey app developed by Acelertoto has garnered the company a finalist placing in the 2008 Best App Ever competition and at the Macworld Expo 2009, they won with Air Hockey as the Best Arcade Game Category!

More paid apps are trickling onto the App Catalog. Palm has been adding new apps to the catalog all day. Both free and paid apps are hitting the seen and some of them look really awesome, here is the list of new apps in the order they arrived.

Air Hockey by Acceleroto: $1.99

Who wants to be a Millionaire by  Capcom Interactive, Inc: $4.99

Block Drop by Daniel Farina: $4.99

WeatherBug Elite by WeatherBug: $1.99

GolfPinFinder by AppJammers, LLC: $9.95

Card Ace: Hold 'Em by Self Aware Games: FREE

GetMeVino! Lite by Mtech Mobile: FREE

Mezzoman-Free by Mezzoman Studios: FREE

Polar Bowling by MX Web: FREE

Word Whirl Lite by SacherSoft, LLC: FREE

WorkOut Tracker Trial by OSG: FREE

Dungeon Quest by Moblyng: FREE

Sticher Podcast Radio by Sticher: FREE

Checkers Pro by Keen Studios: $0.99

Mine Search by Engine Equals Car: $0.99

Here I Am by GeezerNetwork: $0.99

Word Whirl by SacherSoft, LLC: $2.99

FriendsFlow by FriendsFlow: $1.99

JogStats by Rusty Apps: $4.99

Lottery Generator by Ovlite: $0.99

Remote by Hobbyist Software: $4.95

VLC Remote by Hobbyist Software: $4.95

WorkOut Tracker by OSG: $3.99

Go To Tool by Long Beach IT LLC: $7.49

NewsRoom by Trileet, Inc: $4.99

Mezzoman by Mezzoman Studios: $0.99

Wobble Words by Gobico Games: $4.99

Dungeon Quest 50 Gems by Moblyng: $4.99


There were also updates released for Classic and Photo Dialer. These are exciting times to be a Pre owner as the App Catalog blazes past 120 apps in the catalog so far. We are exciting to see how often apps start turning up now that paid apps are accepted into the catalog.



Palm Pre Commercials Include T.V. Shows Heroes & Desperate Housewives

A series of spots that debuted this week weaves Palm Inc.'s Pre phone more deeply into the story line of two prime-time dramas.

In a "mini-mystery" called "Another Desperate Housewife," an extra from ABC's "Desperate Housewives" suspects her husband is cheating after checking his Pre. A voice-over refers to Sprint's wireless data network, as the phone is offered exclusively through Sprint Nextel Corp. in the U.S.: "This is suspicion, on The Now Network."

Along its eight-week run, a few dramatic twists and turns will be revealed — over the Palm Pre, of course.

Sprint also has a "Heroes" series of dramatized ads on NBC that follows new character Lydia, who is able to identify faces in the shape-shifting tattoos on her body. She uses the Pre to find her daughter, who also has a heroic power.

[via AP]


Various Sources Confirm Palm Pre Is Coming To Verizon

Various sources have confirmed that the Palm Pre WILL be coming to Verizon. Verizon has denied rumors of the past couple of days that it had decided not to carry the Pre. Jim Gerace, the executive director of media relations at Verizon, told the E-Commerce Times that the wireless provider will offer the smartphone in January as planned.

The only issues that could be affecting the deal is the VCast store. "Verizon has been talking about its VCast Store, and Palm is setting up its own app store, so that could be the problem," Allen Nogee, a principal analyst at In-Stat, stated. "It's possible that Verizon wants to keep the number of app stores available to subscribers to a minimum."

[via E-Commerce Times and BGR]