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Free Touchstones at the Palm Pre launch in UK, don't forget Spain or Ireland!


We know the Pre launched October 13 in Germany and it was quite a big launch. We had heard that some stores had over 100 people in line. We also heard that at 1 particular store there were 150 people waiting in the rain to get their Palm Pre's the minute the store opened. The day after that, October 14, Palm also launched the Pre in Spain, which seemed to be a pretty quiet launch. We didn't hear much about it, although in Palm's defense we don't hear a lot about any phone in Spain. We should feel confident the Pre will bode well in Spain. Then we have tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a pretty big day because of all the rumors we have heard about the Pre being a more anticipated launch than the original iPhone over in United Kingdom. There was a Pre launch party that took place on top of a roof in London which had some European celebrities in attendance such as: Mathew Home, Mr. Hudson, Rachel Stevens, Alphabeat, and Mel B (AKA Scary Spice). Now O2 is handing out flyers offering the first 10 people in line to purchase the Palm Pre will receive a free Touchstone Charging kit. This should help hike up the excitement a bit because the Touchstone is $70.00 here in the U.S. and about 46 Euros in Europe.

We also have what seems to be forgotten in the blogosphere (I know that term makes me laugh too) the Palm Pre coming to O2 in Ireland as well. Not a lot of buzz around that either but we are hoping the Irish can get to their local O2 stores at 8:00 AM, about and hour or 2 before their local pubs. There is hype around the Pre in Europe but is it as blown up as it was/is here in the States? Are you getting your Pre in Europe tomorrow or have you already?

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