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Multiple IM apps coming to WebOS, one of them bringing video recording?


One of the best things about WebOS is its synergy feature which allows us to add contacts from multiple sources. Palm takes advantage of this feature by allowing us to have one thread or conversation open with a person, but be able to communicate with them through multiple clients including AIM, Google Talk or SMS. We saw in the Pixi demo that Yahoo Messenger is on its way, but what about Windows Live, ICQ, and Jabber? What if we want to have an app separate from our messaging app that can handle multiple IM clients and provide notifications separate of that on the messaging app. Well folks it looks like it is on the way. and Agile Mobile are both working on WebOS apps and there are some pretty slick features included. Mundu, which might be familiar to anyone who uses almost any other device besides the Pre has an IM solution they are working on for the Pre. They currently have a mobile version of the IM client you can use for free at that works pretty well with the Pre's browser. They are also working on a native application for WebOS that will be similar to that of the iPhone's app and will include messaging clients such as: Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Windows Live/MSN, and Jabber. Then we have Agile Mobile.

Agile Mobile is working on a very robust IM Client that handles all the same protocols as Mundu but takes the app a step further. According to their site, the app will be able to record videos and send them in a message, as well as send picture messages, and voice messages. Yes we know, is it really happening? Is the lack of video recording on our Pre going to be a thing of the Past? Either way it is nice to know there are some quality IM apps on their way to the App Catalog. There are no screenshots of Mundu's iteration of the IM app but Agile Mobile has a few screen shots and we are pretty impressed. Will these apps be a solid replacement for Beejive? They just might be.


Check out Agile Mobile's site here and Mundu's site here


Special thanks to Vara411 for his insight on the matter!

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Reader Comments (5)

Wow! I just tried that web version of Mundu for Pre and its awesome!! Can't wait for these apps! I've been using the homebrew hack that adds MSN and those others into the avialable IM accounts on the PRE but it is quite buggy..

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKris

The web version of the app is nice but I want a NATIVE app! Come on guys get this out ASAP! I also am very excited to see how the whole video recording thing pans out.

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSilly Sam

Agile's site says that you'll be able to use their IM app like a walkie talkie. It doesn't go into specifics, but it sounds like the opposite party will have to have the same app in order to "two-way" back. Still a very nice feature.

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAsh

@Ash maybe like BB messenger, that would be awsome

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermahootzki

That would rock for sure!

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSilly Sam

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