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Palm Pixi launches Sunday, We've listed places you can find it for cheap and without a mail in rebate

We have taken the time for you readers who are planning on purchasing the Palm Pixi to compile a list of all the places you can find the Palm Pixi on launch day or shortly there after. Some places are cheaper than others and some places require a rebate while others do not. So make sure you get your coats on and head out bright and early to the store your heart desires. Get the Palm Pixi for you or your family members to replace that ancient Blackberry, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, or iPhone (yeah I said it) for the holiday season coming up. The Pixi and Palm Pre make great gifts and some of these deals won't last forever.

Check out the places you'll find the Palm Pixi Sunday November 15th after the break...



Each store requires you sign a 2 year agreement for the subsidized pricing. Depending on how long you have left on your contract upgrade prices may vary. Without a Contract the Pixi price also varies by store but costs a little bit more, usually between $350.00-$500.00. That is WITHOUT a contract but NOT unlocked. Just to be clear. Don't forget Palm is offering alternate artist series back covers that are compatible with the touchstone charger, so keep an eye out for those. They will be available soon after launch. Anyway here is the list:

1. Sprint Store: That is a given. At Sprint you will be able to purchase the Pixi and play with a demo unit on site. The Pixi at this location will cost you $199.99 up front and you will receive a mail in rebate for $100.00. Without a Contract the Pixi will cost you $399.99. (This may vary by region but it is the price at my local Sprint store)

2: Best Buy: This was and still is a favorite spot to buy the Palm Pre because Best Buy takes the hit on the rebate for you right away. At Best Buy you will be able to find the Palm Pixi for $99.99 after an instant rebate (no post/mail required). Without Contract the Pixi will cost you $399.99

3. RadioShack: Again another favorite. Really no reason not to go to RadioShack over Best Buy unless it is farther. Save the gas. RadioShack also doesn't like to deal with mail in rebates and will offer the Pixi for $99.99 with a 2 year contract. Without a contract the Pixi will cost you $399.99

4. Amazon is an easy place to go if you don't mind waiting for it to be shipped. Amazon hasn't released details on shipping price (it most likely will be free) and they also don't say they exact day it will be for sale. We are pretty sure it will be for sale on Sunday for $99.99. If not, then sometime by the end of next week. No details yet on if Amazon will offer the Pixi without contract.

5. Now things start to get interesting. will offer the Palm Pixi for $49.99 with a 2 year contract after a $100.00 mail in rebate. So up front you will pay $149.99 but you will receive the $100.00 mail in rebate afterwards. will also offer the Palm Pixi unlocked for $379.99 without a contract.

6. Wal-Mart: Wal Mart will have the Palm Pixi on sale for $29.99 with NO mail in rebate needed when signing a 2 year contract. Yup $29.99 out the door. No definite price on a Pixi here without contract but we are guessing between $400.00-$500.00.

7. WireFly is going to one up Wal-Mart by just a bit and offer the Palm Pixi new with 2 year contract for $24.99. No rebates are usually necessary at WireFly though it does not specify at the moment. We will update you as soon as we find out but we are pretty sure this is an out the door price. Also no word on how much they will offer it without a contract just yet.

8. MobileCity Online: Mobile City has an unlocked GSM 'import' they are offering for $499.99 though availability is still unconfirmed. So we wouldn't get our hopes up just yet for this one. But it is there and you can check it out and drool over it with the rest of us.

9. Ebay/CraigsList: You can always find anything at these two places. There are already a couple Pixi's on Ebay already. Usually these are without contract and the price varies from $0.99 to $599.99. Just have to hope you get lucky.

Some of these prices and price pages will not be available until launch day. So if you have a hard time finding it today don't worry it will be there Sunday. If you have any questions concerning the Pixi or anything else WebOS related feel free to ask us on Twitter either @PreThinking or @Blayze04. Also if you find any other deals let us know in comments or on Twitter and we will be more than happy to update the list. We will keep these prices updated throughout the weekend.

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