WebOS 1.3.1 hidden features and changes
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 12:30PM
Daniel Rodriguez in Palm Pixi, Palm Pre, webos 1.3.1

We are going to compile a nice clean list of all the new hidden features that are undocumented in WebOS 1.3.1. If you find anything let us know in comments and we will add it to the list. This can include anything from small UI changes and tweaks to performance increases and more. Anything that is new we will add. Let us know in comments or on Twitter @PreThinking @Blayze04.

Check out the list after the break...

This is what we have so far and we are more than happy to add things as they come.

Speed Improvements:

- Palm's garbage collect and memory management improvements allow games like Perfect Bounce and Air Hockey to run without hangs.  Previous to 1.3.1, faster paced games such as these had lag hiccups that would stop the game for 1-2 seconds while the phone cleared excess memory usage. This process now works without any hangs. 

- Photo app switching between individual photos by swiping left to right is faster in portrait and landscape.

- Scrolling in the photo app is definitely much faster.

- Music app speed improvements. Switching in and out of screens within the app is much faster.

- Scrolling in contacts has become much smoother and it doesn't get stuck quite as often.

- Browser scrolling has improved. Seems much smother zooming in and out.

- App Catalog Initial load is much faster.

- Google maps loads much quicker.

Phone App:

- Contacts logo in the top right has been changed to match the contacts app logo.

- Answer calls and hanging up is much smoother less buggy.

- New option to allow international calling. In phone > Preferences you can slide option left to right.

- Now when on a call the picture is full sized and the end car and details bar is over the top and bottom of the picture with a clean pane.

Contacts App:

- When linking accounts to a contact it no longer changes the default profile to the most recently linked contact.

- Two more options have been added to Contacts > Preferences & Accounts: Company & first name, Company & last name

Clock App:

- When an alarm goes off you can 'Snooze' by tapping up or down on the volume rocker rather than unlocking the screen and tapping the yellow Snooze button.

Calendar App:

- When you tap and hold an event without moving your finger, then lift, you can edit the title of that specific event.

Photo App:

- Options are now displayed at the bottom of the screen.

- Photos are now only displayed in their respective folders. There is no 'All Folders' view anymore.

- Screen captures no longer takes two screen shots when pushing the hot key combo one time.

- No when swiping through pictures the bar shows what number picture you are out of how many total are in that folder.


- Default applications app is there and you can change the default app for phone, emails, addresses, or web links as well as different file types. (This option is greyed out)


- When you tap on a single message in the messaging app you now have the options, Forward, Copy Text, and Delete.

- If you set a custom tone for the messaging app it will only play it when the card is not in focus. Otherwise it plays the default notification.

Music App

- Now when listening to a song in the music app you can bring the drop down menu up and choose to add that song to a Pandora playlist, Search it on YouTube, or search it on Amazon MP3.

- You can now bookmark your place in multiple songs. Any songs or podcasts you start on in the music app will now all be saved afterwards. In 1.2.1 Palm added the feature that allows your music app to remember where you last left off but only for one track.

- When you tap and hold fast forward or rewind the selection scrubber comes up allowing you to move through the song. (You can also do this by simply tapping below the album art, this was noted in Palm's feature list)


- Empty trash button is now available.

- You can now search for folders in the search option on email by simply typing that folders name.

- You can now use short cuts to complete some specific tasks while viewing an email.


Gesture + M = Move To Folder

Gesture + G = Set Flag

Gesture + S = Show Recipients

Gesture + K = Mark as Unread

These commands can also be found in the drop down menu.

- New Gesture hot keys are also available while writing a message.


Gesture + J = Set as High Priority

Gesture + D = Discard Message

Gesture + S = Save as Draft

These commands are also available under the drop down menu.


- Under preferences there is a new 'Default Search Engine' option. (Google is the only choice right now)

- Browser now scores a 77 on an Acid3 Benchmarking Test. It previously scored zero. Benchmarking tests score the browser based on rendering, functionality, and speed among other things.


- WebOS 1.3.1 has laid the groundwork for Adobe Flash's soon to be released Flash 10.1. Place holders are now in locations where Flash content is.

- WebOS 1.3.1 has laid the groundwork for video recording by including the Linux binaries needed to record video that is compatible with the stock media player. (Via Precentral)

- When holding shift and backspacing to delete a whole word rather than one letter, it will longer delete any words after the cursor, rather it will delete the word the cursor is currerently on or before.

- When you recieve a notification from the messaging app and it is from an IM client, you will see a green dot in the notification dashboard showing if that user is on or offline.

- When you receive a notification for a text message with an attachment, a small paper clip will appear near the senders picture in the dashboard.

- When 'Data Usage' is turned off in phone > preferences WebOS will not stay connected to your WiFi even when the phone is locked. If 'Data Usage' is turned on WiFi will automatiically turn off when the screen is locked.

- When you are out of space while trying to download a new app there is a new message. 'There is not enough memory in the application storage area'. (Please Palm fix this by the time the App Catalog is out of BETA)

- When the Palm Pre is now on a Touchstone charger you can set the screen to lock after a certain time.

- When you restart or shutdown your phone there is a new circle symbol on the screen.

- Shutdown screen now has additional options. You can hold down the power button and tap power and choose to reset or power off.

- Airplane mode as the small (i) next to it which will link you to the help menu about Airplane mode.

- LEDs on the center button no longer flash when you lock the phone.

Sprint TV:

- App UI has been changed

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