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New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-18-09

A couple new apps hit the catalog along with some new updates. Also the Lexi-Comp app was pulled and has now made its return to the App Catalog. This is the second day in a row Palm has added a couple apps and some updates. Maybe this will be the trend from now on. A few new apps and updates every day from now until forever wouldn't be a bad thing that is for sure. On to the list


Check out the list of new and updated apps after the break...

The apps are listed in order as to which they arrived in the App Catalog

New Apps:

Stopwatch by Red Fenix: Free

Arlen Ness by Dijit: $0.99


Update Apps:

Chess for WebOS


Lexi-Comp ON-HAND


Blocks Lite


Pack 'n' Track

Esperanto - English Dictionary


The Surprise

Diet Control

Radio Hibiki

Knot Guide


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