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Over 400 apps in the App Catalog, also some updates [Updated]

We are past 400! This is time to celebrate. Okay not really but this is good news. We are seeing updates a lot more often to existing apps which is good because the experience over all just keeps getting better. The App Catalog, though thin in comparison to Android and iPhone OS, has quite a few apps and a lot of them are useful. We still need to get Docs2Go, some Multi Protocol third party IM clients, and some apps like Midomi and Shazam or any voice recording app for that matter but, we are headed down the right path. The count as I am writing this is 413 apps but that could change so we will keep you updated. On to the list.

Check out the list of new and updated apps after the break...


The apps and updates are listed in the order as to which they arrived in the App Catalog.


[Update] - A few more apps and updates landed in the App Catalog last night. They have been added to the top of the lists.


New Apps:

Most Recent

Free klondike Solitaire by FREE

BMI Calc by verticalshots: FREE

PostAll Lite by 2/12 Media: FREE

Forbes Intelligent Investing by Forbes: FREE

WingedCurator by WingedChariot: FREE


pFart by Argon Apps: $1.99

Uber calc by Spyder Speak: $0.99

Switcharoo Demo by OrbSix Software: FREE

Audiobook Classics by Bienestar: $4.99

BlockChalk by WorkingModel LLC: FREE

Moon Exposure Calculator by Chris Gunn: $1.99

Magic Fortune Ball by Innovative Odyssey: $0.99

Sailing by Europa Pictures: $4.99

QuickTrace by Shanerooni, LLC: $0.99

Shotgun Santa by Conniption Entertainment: $0.99

QuickSpell by Shanerooni, LLC: $0.99

FlickIt! by Apps For Fun $0.99

o'clock by Infews: $1.00

Backgrounds by Stylem Media: FREE

Attitude by $0.99

QuickSolve by Shanerooni, LLC: $0.99

QuickWhack by Shanerooni, LLC: $0.99

Puzzler by JM Productions: $2.99

Deadman v1 by Fusion Creative Studios: $0.99

Peg Solitaire by MathSlice: FREE

My Feeds by JM Productions: $2.99

Fit23 by Snap23: $2.50

BusCalc by Monarch Towel Company: $0.99

Beerology 101 Lite by Austin Cameron: FREE

TaskAdder by Brian A Haeffner: FREE

jPyramid by Cohosoft: $0.99

Exch-Calc by Prezy Software: $1.79

Match 'Em - Christmas Edition by Dynaptic: $0.99


Updated Apps:

Most Recent


Mileage Monitor

Dungeon Quest

Card Ace: Hold 'Em


Twee Free

FlashCards Lite

Fliq Notes


Dot Game



The Missing Sync

GolfPinFinder Demo

Obama IQ

TMaps - DC

Match 'Em

Bogus Caller

mCraig - Mobile Craigslist Browser

AP Mobile

Simple Bible



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Reader Comments (3)

The new Backgrounds wallpaper app ported over from iphone and other phones is awesome!! I could browse it all day long..

November 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKris

I hear you. I loved that app on the iPhone and I was hoping it would come to the Pre. I could seriously sit and search through it alllllll day too. Plus with Switcharoo they kind of go hand in hand. Hopefully Switcharoo full comes soon so my Wallpaper changes all the time.

November 20, 2009 | Registered CommenterDaniel Rodriguez

Which makes being a UK Palm owner even more frustrating. I very excitedly put the 1.3.1 update on at 2 am today and opened the App Catalog to find it's still beta and only has 67 apps. It's just not good enough.

November 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTony Woolstencroft

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