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New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-30-09


A few new apps landed in the App Catalog today. We also received a few new updates to some apps over the past couple days and those will be thrown in the list as well. We have another Twitter app, Topple Ball, and Friendsbook as some of the more notable additions. Yes we too are hoping that soon there will be enough apps in the catalog that it will no longer be news worthy, however we are still under 500 so that means every app holds a place in our heart and must be mentioned! So lets move on to the list shall we.

Check out the list of new apps and updates after the break...

Like always the app swill be listed in the order they arrived, and updates will be listed shortly after. ^^

New Apps

Countdown by Finaley Tuned Machine: $1.99

Colors by FREE

Periodic Table by Invasive Bamboo: $1.99

Yak by JM Productions: $2.99

TicTacToe by Ehawah: $0.99

Topple Ball by Josh Bilderback: $1.99

Friendsbook by SIC! Software GmbH: FREE

Do I Need by Team Gooseberry: FREE

chmod by RouteOfAges: FREE

Trivia Lite by Europa Pictures: FREE

DOF Calculator Trial by Chris Gunn: FREE

Moon Exposure Calculator Trial by Chris Gunn: FREE

TP Crytpogram by Invasive Bamboo: $3.99

Calculator by JM Productions: $1.49

Flickr Addict by $2.79

Currencies by Handydev: FREE

Picture Puzzle by Diaspark Inc: $0.99

The Holy Quran by Xivix Software Solutions: FREE

demConvert Pro by Dues Ex Machina Corp: $2.99

SimpleAd by Unique Method: FREE

Visual Voicemail by Mobile Entertainment: FREE

Seismograph by FREE


App Updates:

Send My Location for webOS

Dot Game

gDial Pro

Air Hockey

PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook

Simple Bible

Fortune Cookie

Bible Trivia

Consumption Calculator

Words Of Wisdom

Lottery Generator

Bull Bing

Quick Contacts


Pack 'n' Track

Math Magic

BAC Calculator

WootOn! <- Rereleased


Jesus Quiz


Jewish Quiz

Movie Trivia

TV Trivia



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