1.3.5 confirmed by Palm, the update we have been waiting for?
Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 4:57PM
Daniel Rodriguez


Today at Palm's earnings call, Jon Rubinstein confirmed what we all have expected. 1.3.5 to hit sometime this month. With it we can expect the app limit to finally be removed, improved performance on the Pixi, enhanced WiFi and App performance, and improved battery life. Does this mean the GPU has been finally tapped into? Doubt it, but we can expect some optimizations and if they are really good enough to improve performance and battery life. Well then we will be some happy campers. Palm mentioned improved overall performance and responsiveness on the Pixi and not the Palm Pre. Hopefully us Pre users don't get left out because performance on our devices is less then optimal. Palm don't forget the people who waited in line on day one! That's all I am saying... Palm.

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