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Rumor: WebOS 1.3.5 to come in mid December, no more app limit


Rumors of 1.3.5 broke the other day and the word on the street now is that 1.3.5 is going to finally fix the dreaded app limit. Palm has had this app limit basically crippling usability for WebOS users and hurting developers. Yes it is hurting developers, when you are browsing through the App Catalog while you know that you have no room on your phone and you don't want to have to delete something to make room, most people will just skip it, resulting in the loss of a sale. An inside source told Precentral that the app limit is fixed and there will no longer be a separate (tiny) partition meant for apps. You will be able to use up to 7 GB of the available memory on your phone to install apps. A breath of fresh air indeed. Also expected in 1.3.5 are some bug fixes and possibly the same security hole patches that the Pixi just received in 1.3.2. Hopefully this update comes sooner rather than later because the holiday season is upon us. The time of year people don't mind spending money to make themselves and others happy. We are pretty sure developers would love to get a part of that extra bit people are spending for all their hard work. So thank you Palm for listening to the users. It is greatly appreciated.

[Via Precentral]

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Finally.. i cant wait to just download away both using preware and the real app store. because for the most part ive been wiping with webos doctor, loading up the app store apps and then using preware. iits been a pain.

December 9, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterbraincell

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