Do the guys behind TealOS have a Palm Pre?
Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 1:01PM
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We had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, the guys behind many of the great software for the PalmOS, including the TealOS. Seeing how amazing the TealOS is and how short of a time they got it done, we suspected that they had knowledge of Palm Pre/WebOS prior to CES 09. So we just had to ask him a couple of questions, and this is how it went. 

Did you have knowledge of the Palm Pre or WebOS prior to CES 2009?

Nope.  We found about it from news reports like most people, and started work on TealOS a few days later.

Do you have the Palm Pre or the WebOS in-hand?

No.  We've never seen one in person, but have extensively studied the online videos.  TealOS is based entirely on what we've seen online.

How long have you been programing for PalmOS?

Of our team, I've programmed for PalmOS the longest, having started in March of 1997.  At that time, I was programming in 68k assembly language using the ASDK.

Will your team be making Apps for the WebOS?

Yes.  We'll learn their existing SDK, but we hope native development will eventually be supported so we can really push the device to its limits.

What do you think about the Palm Pre and WebOS?

We're very excited about the Palm Pre, primarily because it puts Palm "back into the game," and we'd like to see them succeed.  We've worked closely with Palm in the past, having even shipped a version of our security program TealLock as the built-in security program on certain Palm handhelds.  Palm has a long track record of being supportive of the developer community, so it makes WebOS a more attractive platform than some of its competitors.

Do you thinking People would be interested in TealOS and why?

We wrote TealOS primarily because we thought it would be a fun app to create.  We can't wait to get our hands on a Pre, and TealOS gives us all a taste.  Not everyone can afford to upgrade the the latest and greatest the instant it's available, so that's probably where we'll sell some copies.  Moving forward, once the Pre is available, we don't anticipate anyone choosing to keep TealOS as a long term as a substitute for an actual WebOS device.  Instead, it's much more likely to just whet someone's appetite for the real thing.  After all, a good interface is a good interface, and even in its rough TealOS-emulated form, the WebOS interface really shines.

Thank you Vince for taking your time to reply! Kudos to the TealPoint Team for making TealOS.

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