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Sprint Ramping up Marketing for Palm Pre

Sprint is finally ramping up marketing for the Palm Pre with a few new ads today on the web and print. As many have speculated, in order for the Palm Pre to have a late-April or May release, Palm/Sprint need to rolling out advertisements in the month of April. So expect the Pre to drop in 5-6 weeks!

Crossing my fingers for Palm to "finish" the Pre before end of May, because let's just hope that they don't make the mistake of releasing the device early, with bugs and the lag we saw at CTIA Pre demos. I'm actually pretty optimistic about its release in mid-May, the wait is finally over... 

Below are the full list of ads dropped by Sprint today: 

1) Sprint's press release for its two new marketing campaigns (Not really an ad)

2) Full page ad from Sprint featuring the "Now Network" and Palm Pre found in USA Today. Same ad was also found on today's WSJ and New York Times. [via Mypre]

 3) Sprint's "Welcome to the Now Network" Ad. Aired on TV.

4) Sprint's new "Plug into Now" website features the Palm Pre along with bunch of little fun interactive widgets

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