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Palm Pre Training to officially start on May 6th for Sprint Employees?

We broke the news on Sprint Employees getting Palm Pre training starting in April, turns out that they were just picking store advocates. Now time for some new Pre-training details! According to Coal over at SprintGuru, Sprint employees will go to classes for the Palm Pre starting on May 6th! Here's how it will do down with the training, before entering the "training room", all attendants will be forced to leave behind things like phones, ipods, cameras, etc. In the room, you'll see 1 Palm Pre setup for every 5 trainees. They of course are bound to sign an NDA before leaving the room.

The speech that will be delivered before the training:

As I’m sure you are already aware, the details of the Pre phone have been a
closely guarded secret, and we’re proud of that. We’re excited to have
reached a point where we can now share with you the details you need to
know to support the product. However, this does not mean that our level of
security has changed. In fact, we’re asking you to join the ranks of people
who will keep the secret.

And end of the training:

Before we end this training course, please remember that you signed a
non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of class today. It is important to
not share what you have learned here today with anyone until the Pre phone
launches and we begin supporting customers. If customers or friends ask
about the phone, direct them to or the Palm Website
( for the latest information.

 I'm sure something will be leaked by Sprint 'ninja's' on the first day of training. I can't wait! 

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