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Another Palm Pre Review!

Om Malik at Gigaom has had the opportunity to review the Palm Pre in person. His overall take on the phone is good, although he and others (and myself included) wish we could have spent more time with the Pre.

Excerpt from the review:

There are a lot of features — multi-tasking applications, for instance, that I didn’t get to play around with much. However, thanks to a rock-solid Sprint EVDO network, browsing on the device was really fast. Palm seems to have done a great job of developing a WebKit-based browser. Its implementation seems to be on par with the WebKit-based browsers from Apple and Google. It easily trumps Nokia’s WebKit-based browser.

I liked how Palm has turned WebKit into the user interface for the phone. The phone is good at integrating apps with a unified address book and syncing.


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Your excerpt left out the following from the article you link to:

"I am not ready to rush to the nearest Sprint store and buy the device. Current Sprint subscribers clamoring for a good smartphone will likely be the early adopters of this phone.

In the world of smartphones, there are currently five players — Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Google and Nokia — Palm can bring up the rear. One thing Palm will have going for it: its developer community. Community, a good browser, a decent web-centric (WebOS) operating system, along with the current hype around Pre, should help Palm sell itself to someone more desperate to get into the smartphone business – like Dell."

The following is the part I found interesting: "Palm can bring up the rear"

Not sure this is considered "positive".

June 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNot Enamored

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