Lines Already Forming At Sprint Stores for Palm Pre
Monday, June 1, 2009 at 3:03PM
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One of TinyComb's readers shot over some photos showing what is now being confirmed as the first person in line for the Palm Pre. The anonymous squatter, said “I’ve been so disappointed with Sprint since my parents got me a plan three years ago. I hear there is only going to be 4 phones at each spot, and I’m GETTING MINE!."

This won't be the last photo we see of anxious Palm Pre fans waiting in line for the new device. This actually beats the iPhone record in 2007 when the line started 100 hours early. The question is, how many more people are going to get in line early due to the shortages that are being claimed for the Palm Pre or is it all a cleaver marketing ploy by Sprint/Palm?

Either way, you had better get in line if you want to get yours.

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