How many times have you slid open your Palm Pre's Keyboard?
Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 4:00PM
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You won't go very far without sliding out the Pre's QWERTY keyboard ever so often. But have you ever wondered how many time you've done it? Well, here's how:

Go to Device Info.


Scroll down and hit More Info.

Get to the drop down menu and hit Interactive Tests. We'll talk about these hardware tests in another post.

You're presented with several tests to choose from, go to Hardware buttons.

Skip the first test.

There you have it... The total number of times the keyboard was opened/closed.

I've open/close the keyboard 2032 times(Hall sensor), and 2096 times (Optical sensor). So that means I've open the keyboard about 1000 times since launch day.

How many times have you opened/closed your keyboard? Post the numbers in the comment section.

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