Review: Palm Pre 1400mAh Extended battery, Test Results
Friday, July 31, 2009 at 2:17AM
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It's known for a fact that a full charge of Pre's standard 1150mAh battery will get you through a whole day, just barely. What if you're in a situation where you needed just 30 or 40 minutes more on your phone? Yeah, you could always buy another standard battery as backup for $49.99 $37.95. OR you can purchase an extended battery, like Amzer's 1400mAh extended battery for the Palm Pre. It adds no extra bulk, and offers up to 20% more juice!

We got one of the 1400mAh extended battery for review, and I will have to say that after going through a few testing, the battery does offer about 15%-18% more juice (depending on what you're running on the phone). And it doesn't take much longer to get a full charge either. Read on for our mini review and testing results of the standard and extended battery for the Pre.

Before anything, as you can see above, is the testing results of both extended and standard battery. The 1400mAh extended battery running Pandora with EVDO outlasted the standard battery by about an hour. Which comes up to about 15% increase of battery life. Not much of a difference in charge time either, which is a good thing.


As mentioned, it does not add any extra bulk, almost identical form factor as the standard battery, and weights about the same too.

This battery is TouchStone compatible.


Get this extended battery if you want more juice out of your Palm Pre. Fits right in your Pre with no need for a new battery door. It costs $49, only 13 dollars more than the standard battery in our store

[Thanks to Michael L. for recording the charging time]

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