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Live webcast: Unit testing with the Palm Mojo SDK

Are you a developer looking forward to building applications on webOS? O'Reilly is hosting yet another live webcast on webOS developement, this time presented by Christian Sepulveda, the Principal and Vice President of Pivotal Labs (They made Tweed!). The webcast goes live on July 14th at 10AM PT/1PM ET for about an hour. Register now for free!


Agile development expects that you will be implementing your applications in a test-first or behavior-first manner, progressively building a test suite as you build new functionality. This is known as Test Driven Development (TDD) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This leads to building your application in smaller steps, with solid code overage, and a test suite that allows you to change the code you're working on without fear of breaking other parts of your application.

How do BDD & webOS work together? Introducing Jasmine, a BDD framework for JavaScript. Unlike the many other BDD/TDD JavaScript frameworks (e.g, JsUnit, JsSpec), it does not require a DOM and does support asynchronous function calls. This makes it well suited to Palm webOS and the development of Mojo applications.

In this webcast we'll:

  • introduce BDD & Jasmine
  • install Jasmine & add related code to the app to support BDD
  • discuss how to write a failing test first, then add functionality to make a test pass
  • develop a simple webOS application test first, with the Mojo SDK

Target Audience: Developers who are interested in developing webOS applications with the Mojo SDK.

Date: Tuesday, July 14th at 10 am PT
Price: Free
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
To register:
Questions? Please send email

[via, great site for webOS developers] 

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