PreDevCamp Meeting in Sunnyvale at Palm's HQ; The Photo Story
Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 7:20PM
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The PreDevCamp held this last Saturday at Palm's headquarters in Sunnyvale was a fine outing of the Developers who have worked very hard to get to this point. Big props must to out to Luke Kilpatrick for stepping in with 11 days notice to put the event together and to all the others that assisted predevcampsf to organizing the event.

As Palm's headquarters in Sunnyvale, the meeting room was just off of the Cafeteria in near the front of the building. Donors managed to get sodas and water for the attendees and pizzas were on their way later in the day from Roundtable.

The space was filled pretty quickly with many of the attendees standing in the back and on the sides of the meeting room. Coders from all over including the writer of the Twee app (not to be confused with Pivotal Labs Tweed app), from Utah, was in attendance as well.

From groups of coders writing their ideas on paper to put on the wall to business with application ideas looking for coders to build them an app.

After a few speeches regarding the development on the webOS platform with insights by Palm's engineers and Pivotal Labs, there a lot of useful information for developers who needed assistance to receive it from several people willing to help in one location. Their were several coders that worked their magic throughout the breakout session in the cafeteria, just waiting for the pizza to arrive. PreCentral's Video Blogger, Marco, was there too.

 The meeting sessions discussed several items including Strategy and Conceptual planning of an app.

Others included designing interfaces for the webOS.

Working with scenes within an application with are structured in a strict hierarchical order. This is where an application checklist was mentioned by Palm for everyone to download and review. We were told that several changes would be made and that the checklist was in no way complete. So it was important to check back often to see if there are any changes.

The WebOS UI guidelines were advocated because Palm's platform is all about the user experience. The believe that uniformity is a very cruicial part to the WebOS success.

 Below are several applications that were produced by developers. Some made this while they were there while others who had early access to the SDK had worked on them for several months.


The above photo was done by a student with the help of his father. It was a roller ball using the accelerometer.

This app used Google Translate to translate typing in real time which was pretty darn cool.

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