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Wal-mart: Get a Palm Pre for only $45, Sorta


I'd recommend buying your Pre on Amazon for $99, but if you're interested in saving a couple bucks and don't mind waiting for the Mail-in-Rebate to come in, read on. Not long after Amazon started selling the Pre for $99, Walmart with LetsTalk is advertising the Pre for the price of $79.99, here's the math:

Palm Pre on a new 2 years Contract: $299.99 with Free Shipping


- $120 Instant Rebate TERMS

- $34.99, Walmart is throwing in 'Palm Pre Accessory Bundle' for Free, valued at $34.99 TERMS

- $100 Mail-in-Rebate TERMS

= $45 for a Palm Pre, well, $80 if you don't count the accessory bundle part of the deal.

This looks like a pretty good deal, but do note that you're really paying $179.99 up front. The Mail-in-Rebate will surely take a billion years.

The Accessory bundle includes a Palm Pre Car Charger, Screen Protector, Bluetooth Headset, & Clear Case.

[Thanks, JJShore and Vara411]

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