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AT&T Pre and Pixi with webOS 1.3.8 spotted in Server Logs


The folks over at PreCentral has spotted server logs showing both the Palm Pre and Pixi running on AT&T IPs - running webOS version 1.3.8. But rest assure that webOS 1.4 lands in February. Sprint got on the Pre first, now Verizon gets webOS devices on the network before AT&T, and AT&T is next.

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Why is it that they can deal with T-Mobile in Germany but they don't have it in the US? If they sold an unlocked GSM that worked on T-Mobile 3G, I'd buy it TODAY! As it is, I will probably go with the Nexus One because I am tired of waiting and I need a new phone to replace my unlocked Treo 650 that I bought the first day on the market directly from Palm.

January 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterwayneNtampa

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