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Wifi Enabled Palm Pixi going to Verizon 


Stripping Wifi from the Palm Pixi was a big downer for the phone, which was supposedly a decision of Sprint's. Perhaps even the reason why some had turned down from getting one.

If Verizon is your thing and you're still looking to get a Palm Pixi, this is great news for y'all. Another CDMA Palm Pixi has cleared the FCC, the P121EWW on Verizon (Sprint's is P120EWW), and this time around its tested for 802.11b/g Wifi! A Wifi Enabled Palm Pixi on Verizon sound like a no brainer.

[via Engadget]


New Apps and Updates for December 11th, 09

Seems like only yesterday when the Pre first came out with less than 20 apps.

New Apps:

Football Fans by Brighthouse Labs, $0.99
Los Angeles Times by The Los Angeles Times, Free
RadioTime by Radiotime Inc, Free
Yule Log by GoML Software, $1.43
Bell TV Pay-per-Vu! by Bell, Free 


Video: Palm Pixi Walk Through webOS


Untitled from FoneFrenzy on Vimeo.

The following video is a full walk through feature of the Palm Pixi and webOS. The overall handset is probably one of the best built phones I have held in my hand. The video is basic walk through of the Palm Pixi and webOS features the handset provides.


New apps and updates in the App Catalog 12-03-2009

It is that time of night. After a long days work. Sitting back by the fire counting all the new apps and updates in the App Catalog. Mind you the fire place is electric of course. Basically providing little to no warmth. That is neither here nor there. Palm has kept up this weeks tradition by adding a few new apps and updates on a regular basis. We are hoping this trend continues and actually increases. It looks like we are getting about 15 new apps a day and hopefully that will increase to 30, then 70, then 100, then 500, then 1,000, and we will pass Apple and laugh. That won't be for a while but we can hope. On to the list!


Check out the list of new apps and updates after the break...

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New apps and updates in the App Catalog 12-02-09 [Updated]

There are new apps and updates available in the App Catalog again! Let's see how long Palm can keep this up. If we could have 10-15 new apps a day forever and that number continues to increase as more developers hop on the platform and more users purchase WebOS devices, Palm will be in great shape. We will keep an eye out to see how long this lasts. On to the list!

Check out the list of new apps after the break...

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Rumor: WebOS 1.3.5 to come in mid December, no more app limit


Rumors of 1.3.5 broke the other day and the word on the street now is that 1.3.5 is going to finally fix the dreaded app limit. Palm has had this app limit basically crippling usability for WebOS users and hurting developers. Yes it is hurting developers, when you are browsing through the App Catalog while you know that you have no room on your phone and you don't want to have to delete something to make room, most people will just skip it, resulting in the loss of a sale. An inside source told Precentral that the app limit is fixed and there will no longer be a separate (tiny) partition meant for apps. You will be able to use up to 7 GB of the available memory on your phone to install apps. A breath of fresh air indeed. Also expected in 1.3.5 are some bug fixes and possibly the same security hole patches that the Pixi just received in 1.3.2. Hopefully this update comes sooner rather than later because the holiday season is upon us. The time of year people don't mind spending money to make themselves and others happy. We are pretty sure developers would love to get a part of that extra bit people are spending for all their hard work. So thank you Palm for listening to the users. It is greatly appreciated.

[Via Precentral]


WebOS 1.3.2 released to Pixi owners, Pre still pending?


According to forum members over at Precentral have been receiving update 1.3.2 on their Pixi's. There is still no official change log released so we don't know what has changed  just yet. After the laundry list of bugs that have shown up in 1.3.1 this would be a welcome update for both Pixi and Pre ownsers alike. Hopefully this will pop up on our Pre's soon. We will keep you posted as we find out details and when the change log is released. Notice anything different in your Pixi? Let us know in comments.


New apps and updates in the App Catalog 12-01-09

More apps and updates in the App Catalog. We see a few new ones every few hours. Still waiting for that to be a permanent trend but we will see. I'll keep this short. On to the list!

New Apps:

Space Alarm by Fu: FREE

Locate-A-Rama by 8-bit development: FREE

Memory Master by RabbitByte Software: $0.99

Picasa On Phone by Tinybolt: $1.99

Sunrise Sunset! by Brett Cata: $0.99

Boggle by EA: $4.99

Coool-Drinks by science apps: $1.49

optionsXpress Mobile by optionsXpress, Inc: FREE

VLC Remote Free by Hobbyist Software: FREE

Updated Apps:

WeatherBug Elite

Cool Tip Calculator

Photo Fun: Spot The Difference Pro

Photo Fun - Spot The Missing Pieces Free

Photo Fun - Spot The Difference (Free)


ZIP Code Tools


Super Hangman Pro

Word Whirl


Photo Fun: Spot The Missing Pieces Pro

SMS MMS Email Emoticons

MyQ For Netflix

The Weather Channel



Elite GP

Radio Hibiki