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Another Pre spotted in the wild! Who are these people!?!

There you go again... @jblebrun spotted a Pre in the wild and took a quick snap shot. My question is, who are these people? Where's my Pre? 

Thanks to Bill for the tip!


Celebrity Apprentice 3 hour season finale; Palm Pre in Prime Time

According to several rumors reported here and here, the Celebrity Apprentice Three hour Season Finale could be the beginning of Sprint's and Palm's do or die last stand, marketing campaign for the Palm Pre. Sprint has been consistently running ad campaigns on NBC's network during Celebrity Apprentice and Heros. What is interesting to note is that we have seen almost all the stars on the Apprentice using Sprint/Palm centro phones.

This is a major hint that Sprint/Palm may be gearing up for a massive, Three hour Celebrity Apprentice show which would draw huge crowds and garner media interest if Palm's Pre were the main "challenges" for contestants. Several of the past contestants come back for the Season Finale.

This would allow Sprint/Palm ample time to gear up the marketing campaign for the reported release date of June 7th, 2009 and get the jump on Apple's rumored release of the new iPhone.


Palm Pre Shipping June 7th, 2009; Beats iPhone to the Punch


According to tipsters, Palm Pre's are now shipping via UPS. After speaking with my Sprint Ninja today, I was informed that the internal Shipping routing system does not indicate any orders for shipment arriving. The ninja also stated that the shipments do not show up in the system for several days from when the initial shipments have left port.

In speaking to another one of my ninjas, during our discussion he had uttered, a "June Release" which I noticed had slipped. The ninja then quickly tried to back track and told me "He would get back to me." This seems to cooberate the story with other rumors.

With that being said, the Apple World Wide Developer conference is slated at the Moscone Center (West) in San Francisco for June 8-12th, 2009.

The reported release date for the Palm Pre is June 7, 2009, a Sunday. The day that Sprint tends to release cell phones.


Sprint Insider: Pre Release date 6/7?

An admin of SprintGurus, by the name of Coal, had posted an internal document listing several Sprint handsets currently in beta stages. What's more? In Coal's own words:

"For those asking about the Pre, there are 2 release windows, one is around 6/7/09 - the other I cannot say much on."

This matches well with when the Protest Guy campaign is set to end. Let's hope everything with the Pre goes well, and they don't have to push the date even further, which would be the other release window Coal mentioned...

[via PreCentral]


Sprint Insider: Palm Pre first use experience, remote wipe and more

An anonymous writer calming to be working at Sprint Customer Care shares some known and new information about the Pre.

The highlights:

  • They already have a release date for the Pre
  • Confirming the TouchStone product line
  • "The Pre will not have a Phone as Modem plan option."
  • "The device will require either a Simply Everything/Simply Everything Data Plan or a Business Essentials Data Plan. Even if you are an existing customer, you must switch to one of the approved plans."
  • During the initial setup, the Pre creates a "Palm Profile" for you, which will allow you to get software updates, ability to download apps, backup data and remote wipe. 
  • Apps for the webOS will be available through the "App Catalog"
  • You can have up to 8 e-mail accounts at a time on the Pre.
  • Data Transfer Assistant, a program that lets new Pre users export data from their computer to the Pre
  • You won't be able to select text on a webpage... what?
  • The Pre does not support Sprint Music, PictureMail and Digital Lounge.
  • Ways to speed up the Pre if it slows down (That would be the image above).
  • The Pre will be Pre-loaded with the Movie trailer for "Up" and a song, Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here Re-Mix'

There you have it, a short rundown of most of the new tidbits from the insider.

Thanks anonymous tipster!


Palm Pre avalible for Pre-order one month before its launch, 5/17 not the release date?

I don't know how much of this is true, but according to an email from a Sprint Customer Service Specialist, we'll see promotional campaigns related to the release date one month before the offical launch of the Palm Pre. Not only that, "Once launch date is fixed, you will also be able to Pre-order this handset online." In other words, when the release date ads starts rolling out a month before the offical launch date, at about the same time we should be able to pre-order a Pre online(Maybe with its price tag?). That doesn't give anything solid as to when the Pre'll be released, but it does beg the question -- will rumored 5/17 make it to be the Pre launch date? Counting today we only have 22 days till we reach the 17th of May. Either way, only time will tell.


4th Chapter of webOS book is out, Dialogs & Menus

The 4th chapter of the webOS book is now available at Safari Books Online. This chapter is all about "Dialogs & Menus."

"Familiar components in every UI framework, Dialogs and Menus are used by almost all applications. Mojo's Dialog and Menu widgets provide the expected features but have some unique additions. Dialogs can be built as child scenes, enabling you to include any web content in a dialog, and menus can be customized by scene and presented in both conventional dropdown presentations or as floating elements."


Update #2 on Twitter Palm Pre Giveaway 

Just a little update on how our twitter giveaway is doing.

As of now, @PreThinking has 1700 followers (145 before the giveaway). When we get 2000+ followers, a second winner will be randomly chosen, that's only 300 away! Remember the giveaway ends on the day Palm Pre launches, which is only 3 weeks away according to most recent release date rumors.

Here's how you can enter:

1) Follow @prethinking on twitter.
2) Simply tweet “Just entered to win a Palm Pre. Just follow @prethinking and retweet. #winapre”

Good Luck!

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