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webOS 1.2 and Pay Apps coming on September 24th?


It's about time, according to a leaked internal doc, Palm is said to bring "Application Sales" on September 24th, and the last time I remember, that should mean webOS 1.2 update and new revamped App Catalog as well. Also interesting to note is that, Palm requires from developers a $5 annual membership fee, which is nothing compare to what they will most likely make.

[via Digital Daily]


OpenTable Now Serving Palm's webOS With New App

The group said that OpenTable for the Palm webOS platform allows diners to check the availability of multiple restaurants in the area; read restaurant reviews; get the location of the restaurants, make free, confirmed reservations; invite friends to join them; and, then follow directions to the restaurant.

OpenTable said its second mobile application to date, OpenTable for Palm webOS, includes several new features, such as the ability to view comments about particular restaurants from actual diners. The application takes advantage of the capabilities of Palm webOS, allowing OpenTable users to integrate their reservations into the phone's calendar and even modify reservations if plans change.


An early peek at Flickr Nearby App for the Palm Pre

Update: It wasn't something he actually planned to release (But could). Move along.

Update #2: Matthew made a new post giving a little background and how the app was build.

A little more than a week ago, Palm decided it was time to allow developers that has been kept silent to freely discuss/show their upcoming apps and webOS development. Well today, Matthew Rothenberg, who currently does product strategy slash management at Flickr, did just that. He released some mouth-watering photos of 'Flickr Nearby' app on the Palm Pre. 

"Not bad for maybe 30-40 lines of Javascript! (and most of that setting up UI stuff)
Revised Mojo SDK end user agreement means I can share these photos now, phew.

Apps for our Pres are on its way! Woot!

Rest of the photos after the break.

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