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App Catalog hits 1,000th App


It's 2010 and the App catalog has finally reach its 1,000 App milestone! Go Palm and the developers!

Happy New Year!


New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-24-2009


23 new apps in the App Catalog today along with a handful of updates. Only 49 to go until we reach 500! Should we celebrate at 500? I am not sure if we should but I still hold out hope for 1,000 apps by January 2010. So todays apps include more fart apps, more note apps, more money mangement apps, and Delicious Morsel's app 'Feeds' that we have all been waiting for. We also finally have the non demo version of Connect 4 and Tetris Mania by Electronics arts which have been demos for most of the Pre's life. So lets move on to the list.

Check out the list of apps and updates after the break...

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Paid Apps Hits the App Catalog [Update] Full list of new Paid and Free apps

Today it's official. The first PAID Palm Pre app has hit the Palm App Catalog. The new paid app is brought to us by Acceleroto, the app Air Hockey was released today on the Palm Pre. Also, they have produced Occurro!, a space shooter combat game.

The Air Hockey app developed by Acelertoto has garnered the company a finalist placing in the 2008 Best App Ever competition and at the Macworld Expo 2009, they won with Air Hockey as the Best Arcade Game Category!

More paid apps are trickling onto the App Catalog. Palm has been adding new apps to the catalog all day. Both free and paid apps are hitting the seen and some of them look really awesome, here is the list of new apps in the order they arrived.

Air Hockey by Acceleroto: $1.99

Who wants to be a Millionaire by  Capcom Interactive, Inc: $4.99

Block Drop by Daniel Farina: $4.99

WeatherBug Elite by WeatherBug: $1.99

GolfPinFinder by AppJammers, LLC: $9.95

Card Ace: Hold 'Em by Self Aware Games: FREE

GetMeVino! Lite by Mtech Mobile: FREE

Mezzoman-Free by Mezzoman Studios: FREE

Polar Bowling by MX Web: FREE

Word Whirl Lite by SacherSoft, LLC: FREE

WorkOut Tracker Trial by OSG: FREE

Dungeon Quest by Moblyng: FREE

Sticher Podcast Radio by Sticher: FREE

Checkers Pro by Keen Studios: $0.99

Mine Search by Engine Equals Car: $0.99

Here I Am by GeezerNetwork: $0.99

Word Whirl by SacherSoft, LLC: $2.99

FriendsFlow by FriendsFlow: $1.99

JogStats by Rusty Apps: $4.99

Lottery Generator by Ovlite: $0.99

Remote by Hobbyist Software: $4.95

VLC Remote by Hobbyist Software: $4.95

WorkOut Tracker by OSG: $3.99

Go To Tool by Long Beach IT LLC: $7.49

NewsRoom by Trileet, Inc: $4.99

Mezzoman by Mezzoman Studios: $0.99

Wobble Words by Gobico Games: $4.99

Dungeon Quest 50 Gems by Moblyng: $4.99


There were also updates released for Classic and Photo Dialer. These are exciting times to be a Pre owner as the App Catalog blazes past 120 apps in the catalog so far. We are exciting to see how often apps start turning up now that paid apps are accepted into the catalog.



webOS 1.2 and Pay Apps coming on September 24th?


It's about time, according to a leaked internal doc, Palm is said to bring "Application Sales" on September 24th, and the last time I remember, that should mean webOS 1.2 update and new revamped App Catalog as well. Also interesting to note is that, Palm requires from developers a $5 annual membership fee, which is nothing compare to what they will most likely make.

[via Digital Daily]


First peek at the New App Catalog that's landing this month?


Engadget has gotten their paws on what it appears to be snapshots of the 'revamped' App catalog that Palm stated to land this very month. The photos looks pretty genuine to me, so it's safe to say that App Catalog will be officially out of Beta and start selling pay apps very soon, this month. With the new App Catalog, you'll find a cleaner look, support for Credit Card payments, Apps Tag Clod, integrated app management. I wouldn't be surprise if this lands within the week.

For more Screenshot of the revamped App Catalog go here


Leaked webOS 1.2.0 reveals upcoming features

go4craig over at the PreCentral forums, was using the webOS Doctor method to restore the Pre back to factory settings and accidentally gotten hold of the next webOS update, 1.2.0 (Palm fixed the link), revealing some interesting stuff. 

First one not a surprise, option to add your credit card information in App Catalog, welcoming the pay apps. Which means 1.2 should land sometime this month.

Text and Image selection in the Browser, for copy and paste. Very nice.

Little tweaks here and there. 

The official update should't be to far away...

[via PreCentral, via Engadget]


13 new palm pre apps, still news

Hit up the App Catalog, and you'll find 13 new apps ready for download. In a month, new apps will no longer be news, but until then it's still news worthy here. 

In the new apps, we got a couple simple games, Wikihow app (Woot!), tip calculators, translate app, password management app, contact app and a couple more. So check them out and let me know which of the 13 you like the most.

[Thanks for the tip, Deborah]


4 New Apps with Official Bell Palm Pre Launch in Canada

Palm Pre is now officially shipping in Canada on Bell, did you get yours? [Send in your photos of your quest for a Bell Pre.] With the launch, Palm has also released 4 new apps on the App Catalog, one specifically made for the Canadians.

The first one is Yelp, if you don't use Yelp, use it. It looks for your local bas, gas station, doctors, whatever. 

Yahtzee Demo, a demo game mostly involving rolling a dice to play. But it's actually pretty cool.

Tetris Mania Demo, need I say more? 

And lastly, The Canadian, news from the Canadian Press right on your Pre. Available in english and French.

*Unpauses Tetris Mania*