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Meet My Palm Pre: Episode 4

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What happens when you show something like the Palm Pre to elderly people that don't follow technology like we do, you get a funny and effective Pre commercial.


Meet my Palm Pre: Episode 3

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I'll just let you watch the video. I really like this one.


Palm Canada: 'Meet my Palm Pre' Ad Campaign

For the Canadian readers, you can pre-order your Palm Pre from Bell right now, that is to be officially released on August 27th. And to get the word out about the Pre in Canada, Bradley the Canada Pre guy, goes around Canada introducing the Pre to random people on the streets. You can watch the first episode of the 'Meet my Palm Pre' series embedded below.

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Bell employees begins with Palm Pre training?

MobileSyrup got their paws on a Bell internal memo detailing what's to planned down the pipeline at Bell including Palm Pre training.

"What is Pre" is what they're calling the training which will begin on the 20th and ending on the 29th. So an August Release is looking very likely in Canada for the Palm Pre.

[via IntoMobile, via MobileSyrup]