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Palm Pre Drops to $80 At Best Buy For 3 Days Only

Oh Palm Pre, why do you torment us so much? With the Holidays around the corner this week, two major shopping events are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The one time of year retailers have to 'get into the black' for the year.

The coming weekend deals will be plentiful for two reasons: Retailers aren't making the dough like they used too and the economy is still in the tank despite what the Wall Street wants you to hear.

With that, Best Buy has decided to bring you the Palm Pre for $79.99 for three days only beginning with Black Friday. So if you have been sitting on the fence since June to pick up a Pre, now is a good as time as any to head on over to Best Buy and grab yourself a pretty good deal.


Best Buy $99 Error: Did you get a $99 Pre or got money back? 

Too bad that the Best Buy $99 deal was only an error... Though I think they just pushed it out earlier than perviously planned, so I'm sure you can nab a Pre for $99 before the end of this year again. Though an error, I'd say a good error that boosted Pre sales. 

So how many of you out there that was holding off until the Pre gets cheaper scored a $99 Pre yesterday? 1 2 3

And how many of you asked and actually got $100 back from Best Buy for your early Pre purchase? 1 2 

Get down to your local Best Buy and you may get lucky.

[Thanks for the scan of the receipt, NinjuD] 


Palm Pre Price Cut by $100, only $99


I'd say from the looks of it, Pre sales has done really well over the past month and a half. And I think that is all gonna drastically change because it looks like Best Buy has lowered their price tag on the Pre by $100. Now $99.99 for new customers/eligible upgrades, and $759 off contract... (That's paying $400 more if you had bought one on eBay) We don't now if this price change revolves around just Best Buy or Sprint Stores yet.

The question is, will Best Buy give early Pre adaptors $100 back? Oh and you haven't gotten a Pre, go get one NOW.


[Thanks, Jim -- via SprintUsers]


Palm: 100,000 Pre Units Shipped So Far, Analyst Says

WSJ says the company sold just over 50,000 units in the first two days. He estimates that the average Sprint (S) store received about 40 units, with 2-5 at the average Radio Shack (RSH) store and 2-4 at the typical Best Buy (BBY). Coster says that about 50,000 more units have shipped since the weekend, with Sprint stores getting about 10-15 units every 2 days. He says Radio Shack inventory has been replenished once, but that Best Buy so far appears not to have received additional phones, a conclusion he concedes is “based on very limited” sampling.


Palm Pre Stock Levels at Best Buy Stores Possibly Leaked?

This unofficial leak came from a source at the everythingpre forums and posted by skilldone. Along with his post, skilldone states "I believe I have a store count for everyone that asked and those that didn't." So we are not clear if this person is a Best Buy or perhaps they just date someone at Best Buy. Either way, since this speculation, it may or may not be true. But if you are one of the few people that are considering buying a Pre AND want an instant rebate, I would start getting in line at one of these stores soon.

Here is another photo from the Forums:

Links to the .PDF files:


Best Buy Dummy display Palm Pre on Video

Recent reports had suggested that a couple of Best Buy stores were already displaying dummy Pre's. We don't know how many stores are doing it, but it's out there. This video we found on YouTube basically shows what the dummy Pre looks like, no different than a retail model. The dummy Pre won't turn on(duh), but you can certainly get an overall feel of the device, how small the Pre really is, the keyboard, etc. 

Get down to your nearest Best Buy Mobile store and ask if they have a dummy Pre laying around and report back in the comment section!

[Video was uploaded by TibFib from]


Best Buy Leaks Palm Pre Stock Levels For Launch Day

Looks like the forum members over at everythingpre got this screen shots of stock levels of the Palm Pre at each store. This was expected from earlier rumors that Palm/Sprint were not going to have adequate stock on hand for the initial launch of the Palm Pre. It seems as though the larger cities are receiving larger stock levels in anticipation for June 6th.



Palm Pre Already Sighted At Best Buy?

Take it for what it's worth but zerock over on Twitter spotted the Palm Pre at Best Buy. It looks like the pricing out the door is $519.00. We are not too sure about $89.99 pricing and there is also some other pricing which is cropped out of the photo. Take it for what it's worth because we expect to see a lot more Palm Pre news this week.