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Meet My Palm Pre: Episode 4

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What happens when you show something like the Palm Pre to elderly people that don't follow technology like we do, you get a funny and effective Pre commercial.


Meet my Palm Pre: Episode 3

YouTube Link

I'll just let you watch the video. I really like this one.


4 New Apps with Official Bell Palm Pre Launch in Canada

Palm Pre is now officially shipping in Canada on Bell, did you get yours? [Send in your photos of your quest for a Bell Pre.] With the launch, Palm has also released 4 new apps on the App Catalog, one specifically made for the Canadians.

The first one is Yelp, if you don't use Yelp, use it. It looks for your local bas, gas station, doctors, whatever. 

Yahtzee Demo, a demo game mostly involving rolling a dice to play. But it's actually pretty cool.

Tetris Mania Demo, need I say more? 

And lastly, The Canadian, news from the Canadian Press right on your Pre. Available in english and French.

*Unpauses Tetris Mania* 


Bell Canada 'Meet My Palm Pre' Ad: Episode 2 


The very second episode of the Bell Canada 'Meet my Palm Pre' Ad campaign is out. And the more times I watch the video, the more I wonder why Palm/Sprint is not adapting these kind of Ads here in the U.S, and dumping the creepy ads all together. Bradley, the Bell Pre guy, demonstrates many of the cool features of the phone to what I can see, 'real' random people. And those people seem to genuinely like the phone.

I want to know what you think of the Meet my Pre Ads in the comments.