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Palm EOS (Pixie) To Rival iPhone for $99?

Rumors of a new version of Palm's webOS smart phone have been circulating the internet for several months. It seems Palm may have a new fight with the competing iPhone coming sooner than most expect. The Palm EOS (code name Pixie) the GSM (also a possible dual band CDMA) version phone which has been rumored for quite some time, is getting ready to drop at a price point of $99. According to reports by Mike Abramsky, an analyst for RBC Capital Markets, Palm is expected to launch a device as early as Q4 in the $99 dollar range.


Sprint plans for tri-mode WiMAX, WiFi, CDMA Palm handset?

According to reports at BGR and SmartTrend, SmarTrend is reporting that an unnamed Sprint/Nextel employee stated they will offer a tri-mode phone compatible with CDMA, WiFi and WiMAX and may expand 4G coverage to cities not previously disclosed, a spokesperson told Unstrung. She said the company has not announced specific timing or other details, but they should have a 4G phone on their map for 2009-2010. It is not clear on which device as it does mention Android, but my guess would be a Palm Pre verison 2 with all of the goodies rolled into one mix or another Palm device running WebOS.


Pre found its way to Palm UK site

Palm's UK site has been updated with the Palm Pre on their homepage much like their US site. The Pre in the picture however is the CDMA model, which probably means that a GSM model is going to be released one way or the other and real soon too. Great news!

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