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An early peek at Flickr Nearby App for the Palm Pre

Update: It wasn't something he actually planned to release (But could). Move along.

Update #2: Matthew made a new post giving a little background and how the app was build.

A little more than a week ago, Palm decided it was time to allow developers that has been kept silent to freely discuss/show their upcoming apps and webOS development. Well today, Matthew Rothenberg, who currently does product strategy slash management at Flickr, did just that. He released some mouth-watering photos of 'Flickr Nearby' app on the Palm Pre. 

"Not bad for maybe 30-40 lines of Javascript! (and most of that setting up UI stuff)
Revised Mojo SDK end user agreement means I can share these photos now, phew.

Apps for our Pres are on its way! Woot!

Rest of the photos after the break.

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Devs in Early Access Program are now permitted to discuss their webOS development and more!

The NDA placed on devs in the Early Access Program had its chains loosened yesterday. In short, effective on 7/2/09, upon agreeing with the new terms, the devs are finally permitted to discuss their apps, webOS development and Palm materials like the SDK, eclipse and docs. But, distributing/leaking the Palm materials will lead to severe punishment like getting thrown in a black hole.

Early devs, it's OK you can come out of that cave.

New agreement:

Palm agrees that Developer shall have the ability to discuss the Palm Materials, Developer's development efforts and Developer's Application(s) with any third party, including but not limited to blogging, website postings, and public presentations; provided however, that IN NO CASE MAY DEVELOPER PUBLISH, REPRODUCE OR DISTRIBUTE THE PALM MATERIALS, except as expressly licensed in Section 3.