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WebOS 1.3.1 now available for download in Europe

WebOS 1.1.3's life has finally come to an end. On O2 in Europe WebOS 1.3.1 is now available. The full feature list between 1.2.0 to 1.3.1 is pretty huge so take a gander at the list. We have also put out a list of WebOS 1.3.1 hidden features here. WebOS has come quite a ways in the last five months so enjoy Europe!


Feature list for WebOS 1.2.0 here

Feature list for WebOS 1.2.1 here

Feature list for WebOS 1.3.1 here


GSM Palm Pre to launch on O2 exclusively in UK?

According to Guardian, O2 has won the exclusivity to the GSM Pre in the UK. We haven't heard official announcement from either side, but it is said that Palm will confirm the deal as early as next week. No word on pricing or release date.

[via engadget]

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