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Adobe still cooking up Flash support for WebOS, beta this year? [UPDATE]

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Adobe is working on Flash 10.1 for mobile devices. Basically covering every mobile platform except for the iPhone. WebOS is on that list and will be one of the first. According to Gizmodo, they had a word with Adobe and WebOS beta could be out as early as this year with the full version to be released sometime in the first half of 2010. Adobe says Flash 10.1 will be GPU accelerated which will allow for you to push the little HD link in the bottom right of a Youtube video. This will be nice on the Pre since it is sporting an OMAP 3 with a pretty hefty mobile GPU inside. Adobe is optimizing Flash 10.1 so it doesn't bog down mobile OS's like current iterations of flash do as seen on HTC's newest slice of Android, the Hero.

Flash is being optimized for Mobile OS's with a touch screen and multi touch like WebOS providing full multi touch support as well as support for gestures and the accelerometer. Though flash isn't our favorite thing in the world because it can sometimes slow down even the fastest computers, Flash is a huge part of the browser experience and we are very excited to get it on our Pre's and Pixi's. 

For those of you who don't know Flash is what powers sites like,, and what allows us to hear music on sites like and It will allow for a 100% full desktop browser experience so the only difference between the browser on our Pre's and our computers at home, will be the screen size/resolution.

[UPDATE] Video link of flash demo on the Palm Pre HERE

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[Via Gizmodo]