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Some of the webOS Games currently in development

Who dares to say the Palm Pre is not capable of gaming? I'll admit, the current 5 games on the App Catalog is fun, but not something most users would spend their money on. In Palm's defense, the Mojo Framework is still sorta in Beta, so intense 3D and Arcade game development will have to wait until Palm releases the OpenGL Graphics Framework. Even so, simple games like a puzzle, board games, and even simple arcade games are very possible with the current API from the SDK

Speaking of games, we're seeing a plenty of game development behind the Palm Developer Forum. To list a few:

Wobble Words: I think this is the best looking webOS game so far, in terms of the user interface. The game can be described as "part Boggle, part Scrabble and part Tetris". Game play also makes use of the Accelerometer, we'll see how that goes. Hoping for something new.

We'll get a copy of the game when it's ready for beta from the developer, Dave Balmer, so stay tune for a review or a more in-depth look at the game.

Great looking game, can't wait to test it out.

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