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Interview: We speak to Engine Equals Car who brought us Peg IQ, Mine Search, and Easy Stopwatch

We had a chance to speak with the friendly guys over at Engine Equals Car about their involvement on the WebOS platform. They already have four apps in the App Catalog, 'Gone fishin, Easy Stopwatch, Peg IQ, Mine Search, and more on the way. They are looking to be a big part of the App Catalog and it looks like they are doing a good job so far. They plan on keeping all of their current apps up to date and continue adding new apps as they are developed. They discuss their experience with WebOS and the App submission process as well as how they got started in development. Pretty exciting stuff.

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Interview with the developers from Self Aware Games who brought us Card Ace and Word Ace

We had a chance to speak with Seppo over at Self Aware Games, who produced two very exciting apps in the WebOS App Catalog. Word Ace, which was released very early on in the App Catalog, is easily the best game out due to its unique game play, which combines a Texas Hold'em style card game with letters needed to form words and allowing a multiplayer functionality that includes chat capabilities during gameplay. Then while we were all eagerly awaiting paid apps to hit the catalog, the day finally came, and to our surprise so did one stand out app that was actually free, 'Card Ace'. Card Ace takes some of the same concepts of Word Ace and allows you to actually play Texas Hold'em with other players online. The unique app puts you on a table with other players and allows you to place bets, call, or fold the current hand. It plays just like you would expect Texas Hold'em to play but one of the cool things is you can actually chat with the other players at the table. Definitely an exciting feature to see in a game this early on in WebOS Development. We also discussed in depth, Self Aware's experience with WebOS and so far it sounds like a good one and looks like they will continue to develop for WebOS!

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Do the guys behind TealOS have a Palm Pre?

We had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, the guys behind many of the great software for the PalmOS, including the TealOS. Seeing how amazing the TealOS is and how short of a time they got it done, we suspected that they had knowledge of Palm Pre/WebOS prior to CES 09. So we just had to ask him a couple of questions, and this is how it went. 

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