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Porting iPhone Web Apps to the Palm Pre WebOS is EASY!

Well folks, there you have it! Mitch Allen with Palm webOS, 1st Edition published by O'Reilly Media, Inc., explains that most iPhone apps can be easily ported over to the Palm WebOS. As Mitch states: while you can take a native app designed for the iPhone and build an app with a similar design for webOS, the language differences (Objective C vs. JavaScript) and the API differences between iPhone OS X and webOS make it difficult to port an iPhone native app to webOS, BUT if you have an iPhone web app, it is easy to port to webOS.

This meaning, there will be several apps both Web and Native that will eventually hit the App Catalog in a short time. The Palm aficionados can look forward to full featured Web applications designed for the iPhone but now ported over for the Palm Pre.

The question is: How many Web apps are currently available for the iPhone that could potentially spill over to the Palm Pre? I am sure Apple won't let us know for sure BUT let's find out here  (about 3955 total).

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