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How many times have you slid open your Palm Pre's Keyboard?

You won't go very far without sliding out the Pre's QWERTY keyboard ever so often. But have you ever wondered how many time you've done it? Well, here's how:

Go to Device Info.

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Quick Tip: Shortcut to Reboot your Palm Pre 

Your Palm Pre's not working properly or running unusually slow? Time for a reboot/restart. 

There're 3 ways to reboot your Palm Pre. The quickest way being to slide out the keyboard and hold down 3 buttons, the Orange, Sym, and R keys. Rebooting...

Reminder: How to take screenshots on your Palm Pre (Orange, Sym and P)


Best Buy Dummy display Palm Pre on Video

Recent reports had suggested that a couple of Best Buy stores were already displaying dummy Pre's. We don't know how many stores are doing it, but it's out there. This video we found on YouTube basically shows what the dummy Pre looks like, no different than a retail model. The dummy Pre won't turn on(duh), but you can certainly get an overall feel of the device, how small the Pre really is, the keyboard, etc. 

Get down to your nearest Best Buy Mobile store and ask if they have a dummy Pre laying around and report back in the comment section!

[Video was uploaded by TibFib from]


Another Palm Pre Review!

Om Malik at Gigaom has had the opportunity to review the Palm Pre in person. His overall take on the phone is good, although he and others (and myself included) wish we could have spent more time with the Pre.

Excerpt from the review:

There are a lot of features — multi-tasking applications, for instance, that I didn’t get to play around with much. However, thanks to a rock-solid Sprint EVDO network, browsing on the device was really fast. Palm seems to have done a great job of developing a WebKit-based browser. Its implementation seems to be on par with the WebKit-based browsers from Apple and Google. It easily trumps Nokia’s WebKit-based browser.

I liked how Palm has turned WebKit into the user interface for the phone. The phone is good at integrating apps with a unified address book and syncing.