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Palm Pixi Release Date = October 20th?


According to BGR's "new" source, rumor has it that Pre's little bro, the Palm Pixi is set to launch on October 20th. That's like 19 days away... And as always, with rumors you gotta take it with a pinch of salt.

Let's say that October 20th was not it, what do you think the release date for the Pixi will be? If you get it right, we'll give you a prize. [Update: but only for the first 3 people that gets it right)


Palm Pre to Launch June 5th according to internal Memo?

As reported by BGR, it looks like we have a final date for the Palm Pre launch set for June 5th, 2009. It's about time! The labled June 5th "Launch Lunch" will conclude the meetings for the event. With this information, the confirmation of a launch date between June 5th through June 7th is as pretty close as it gets for all of us awaiting the Palm Pre.


Palm Pre: InsideSprintNow debunks the latest Best Buy rumors (trial launch, $999)

A few hours back, BGR posted rumors of Best Buy 'trial launching' the Palm Pre and possible pricing points. Hours later, the guys over at InsideSprintNow finally stepped in to debunk it. 

Here's why they think the rumor is bogus:

  • Being an insider of Sprint, he/she claims to know the exact release date and pricing for the Palm Pre.
  • Sprint would be crazy to let a 'partner' do the huge Palm Pre launch, not to mention how much they would lose from in-store accessory sales for not launching it in their own retail stores.
  • Only 4,500 Pre's across the country, with only 1-4 Pre's in each BB Mobile locations. BB employees will most likely purchase the few 1-5 Pre's before doors are even opened.
  • Contract or not, $999 price point will never happen, ever. We know.

And in his/her own words about the $299 price point for upgrades:

"As to the upgrades for existing customers? Have you -ever- seen a single price point for an upgrade price? The answer is no, because the system is simply not set up like this. The existing customer price will be the standard $75 off for 10+ months into agreement, $150 off for 22+ months, and the full $150 off + any rebates for those that qualify and have have the same device for 24+ months, which is essentially new customer pricing. Premier & White Glove customers also qualify for essentially new customer pricing at the 12 month mark, just as with any other device. To hint that there would be a single price point for any customer that wanted to upgrade is simply incorrect, and anyone as familiar with Sprint as BGR should be, knows that the system just isn’t set up to allow for that."



Palm Pre avalible for Pre-order one month before its launch, 5/17 not the release date?

I don't know how much of this is true, but according to an email from a Sprint Customer Service Specialist, we'll see promotional campaigns related to the release date one month before the offical launch of the Palm Pre. Not only that, "Once launch date is fixed, you will also be able to Pre-order this handset online." In other words, when the release date ads starts rolling out a month before the offical launch date, at about the same time we should be able to pre-order a Pre online(Maybe with its price tag?). That doesn't give anything solid as to when the Pre'll be released, but it does beg the question -- will rumored 5/17 make it to be the Pre launch date? Counting today we only have 22 days till we reach the 17th of May. Either way, only time will tell.


Palm Pre release date: May 17th the earliest


Engadget got their hands on an internal Sprint document suggesting that the targeted release date for the Palm Pre is no earlier than May 16th. Following Sprint's product launch trend, May 16th will most likely be Sprint Store's preparation for a May 17th launch, that is if they have enough inventory. Don't know if anyone else noticed it, the very second item from the list reads, "P100(Code name for Palm Pre) FAQs for Search/Support and Learn", happening exactly a week before launch. My guess it's a product update for Sprint employees to answer the FAPQ(P as in Pre), so they can stop answering by, "we'll get more information on that when it's close to launch", since it will be close to launch by then.

[via engadget]


Sprint Employees now training on the Palm Pre, Pre's Launch is Near

Rumors and speculations of a mid-April/May launch of the Palm Pre doesn't appear to be too far of a stretch. Stated in an email from Sprint, "Employees can expect training to start in April as well as multiple communications to get them excited and ready to help our customers." I was wondering if the training has begun -- so I asked for a confirmation on that thought.

"I would like to inform that Sprint is in the process of providing the training for the new Palm Pre. Once it's launched, Sprint will be ready to serve their valued customers regarding the Palm Pre."

The fact that Sprint employees are already training up on the Palm Pre, certainly implies the release date of the Pre should be near. On top of that, early this week, Sprint began getting the word out about the Pre with a new marketing campaign. So don't be surprised when the Palm Pre launches within the coming 5 weeks or so!

Some say that after seeing Palm Pre demos in person at CTIA, the demo devices doesn't seem to be ready, software wise. And of course many have advised Palm and Sprint to not rush the phone. So the question is, is it really ready?