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Latest iTunes 9.0.2 Update = No Pre Sync, again.

Totally didn't see this one coming. Apple updated their iTunes to 9.0.2 this morning, and along with its new features and improvements was the death of the Palm Pre Sync. Again. But fear not Pre users that use iTunes, Palm will most likely bring it back from the dead with the next webOS firmware update or the one after that. Right?


Solution/Workaround to Palm Pre iTunes Syncing (8.2.1)

Are you on iTunes 8.2.1 and wish it can once again sync seamlessly with your Palm Pre? You can always just revert back to iTunes 8.2.0 or go classic and use Drag & Drop. And of course doubleTwist is another good option to have iTunes start syncing again. But you know what's better? That would be Salling Media Sync, my friends.

Available for free now for Mac and Windows. First off, It does not require an account like doubleTwist. It syncs your Music/Playlists, Videos, Podcasts and Photos from iTunes 8.2.1. And best of all, you can set it to sync automatically every time you plug in your Pre, just like iTunes would.

They do offer a paid version of this software for $22, which will sync your media at a faster rate (Mac and PC). I was giving taste of the paid version free of charge (Thanks, Salling), and like advertised, nothing has change but the syncing speed. Roughly about 4-7x faster.

To Sync using Salling Media Sync:

  1. Download it for free now. Mac or Windows
  2. Run it.
  3. Plug your Pre to the Computer and go to 'USB Drive' mode.
  4. Salling sync Utility will pop and you can now Sync away.


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