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Palm Pre is headed to Mexico's Telcel November 27th

We've heard rumors before that Mexico was getting the Pre but now it is official. A post at the official Palm Blog says the Palm Pre is headed to Mexico on November 27th. The Palm Pre will be exclusive to TelCel in Mexico. Palm doesn't say specifically what version of WebOS the Pre will have but if WebOS version unity is to happen this month that there is hope that WebOS 1.3.1 should be available the day of or shortly after the launch. Palm doesn't mention the Pixi at all but we assume all but the Pixi should be out on multiple carriers around the world either by the end of the year or in the first half of 2010. For those of you who are living on the other side of the boarder hoping to get your hands on a non CDMA Palm Pre. Your wish is Palm's command. Head over to the official Telcel site and listen to their catchy song with Pre video. also Palm's site has a spanish Palm Pre layout similar to the Pixi and Palm Pre home page.

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