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Sprint Holding an Open Developer Conference

Not to be outdone by the Palm developer meet up happening next week and release of the mojo SDK today, Sprint is hosting an open developer conference for these platforms: Mobile Devices (Android, Mobile Java, Palm Mojo, RIM Blackberry, Web Development, Windows Mobile, etc.) and Network/Product Capabilities (LBS, Messaging, M2M, 4G, etc.).

Attendees will learn how to leverage the full suite of open development capabilities available from Sprint. Exciting news at Sprint and they are getting prepared to work with developers with the introduction of various new handsets on the Now Network.

Interested in attending? Hit the link to register.

WHEN: October 26-28, 2009
WHERE: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
WHO: All application developers and content providers!
  Early Bird: $250.00 until August 1, 2009
  Later: $350.00 after August 1 - Conference, October 28, 2009

Palm officially releases Mojo SDK to the Public!

It's not the end of Summer yet and the Palm Mojo SDK is publicly released, at last. When you get to the new Palm Developer site (I believe it was just a blog before), you'll find a dev forum, guides, tools, blog, and more!

Palm in a blog post, said that they'll open App submission as earlier as the beginning of this Fall. Which is a little later then we expected, maybe a change of plans... But why?

Why are you still here? Get over there and download the SDK for your OS NOW. 


Live webcast: Unit testing with the Palm Mojo SDK

Are you a developer looking forward to building applications on webOS? O'Reilly is hosting yet another live webcast on webOS developement, this time presented by Christian Sepulveda, the Principal and Vice President of Pivotal Labs (They made Tweed!). The webcast goes live on July 14th at 10AM PT/1PM ET for about an hour. Register now for free!

Click to read more ...


Devs in Early Access Program are now permitted to discuss their webOS development and more!

The NDA placed on devs in the Early Access Program had its chains loosened yesterday. In short, effective on 7/2/09, upon agreeing with the new terms, the devs are finally permitted to discuss their apps, webOS development and Palm materials like the SDK, eclipse and docs. But, distributing/leaking the Palm materials will lead to severe punishment like getting thrown in a black hole.

Early devs, it's OK you can come out of that cave.

New agreement:

Palm agrees that Developer shall have the ability to discuss the Palm Materials, Developer's development efforts and Developer's Application(s) with any third party, including but not limited to blogging, website postings, and public presentations; provided however, that IN NO CASE MAY DEVELOPER PUBLISH, REPRODUCE OR DISTRIBUTE THE PALM MATERIALS, except as expressly licensed in Section 3.



Linux nerds rejoice: Linux Novacom leaked

Emailed to me from an anonymous source, was the download link to the Linux Novacom.

To my understanding, Novacom is what connects your Palm Pre/Emulator to your computer for rooting/hacking. And up until now, only the Mac and Windows compatible Novacom was found via the Sprint Recovery ROM.

Download link:

Linux Novacom -- Rapidshare (32KB)



Palm Mojo SDK leaked on the web

Let's get straight to the point here. The Mojo SDK (for Win32) has been leaked to the web. Palm/sprint will probably pull the link, and chances are it's gone when you're reading this. It's confirm that this is the real deal. 

Sprint Hosted download Link (Scanned, no virus, but takes a million years to download)

Link to the download links

This is how it all happened...

  1. Palm invites and doubles the number of early Mojo SDK developers on June 26th
  2. One of the lucky developer decides to leak the link to the Mojo SDK on IRC.
  3. @keithah picks it up and tweets it.
  4. Now we all have the Mojo SDK, well, at least the Windows users.

Click here for the Gallery of Screen Shots of the Mojo SDK running on Windows. [Provided by John, cause I don't have a Windows machine around me.]



Mojo SDK goes public by the end of this Summer? 


We just got an update on the mojo SDK from @Chuq on the Palm Dev Blog. It looks like we'll have open access to the SDK by the end of the Summer, at least that's what Palm is aiming for. In addition, they'll be taking in thousands of new developers to the early SDK program in the coming weeks and also loosen the chains a bit to allow "early Mojo developers to communicate more freely with the rest of the world". So if you've applied for the early SDK, there's a good chance you'll be admitted in the program in the next few weeks. 

We all understand that the sooner Palm pushes out the SDK, the better shot they got in competing with Apple's App Store. But the truth is, the SDK tools and developer services just aren't "mature" yet for the public. 


Rooting the Palm Pre and the webOS


This has been a long day full of Palm Pre webOS rooting news. Many of the contributors over at precentral and others around the world, have been up half the night and most of the day working with  the Root system of the Palm Pre. The guys over at have already posted a YouTube video of how to exactly Root the Palm Pre.

The written procedures are below:



  1. Download the WebOS image
  2. Rename this file to .zip, and extract it
  3. set the Konami code on your pre (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart), and put it into dev mode. Plug it into your windows laptop after it's booted
  4. Run the driver installer from the extracted file, it is: webosdoctorp100ewwsprint/resources/NovacomInstaller_x86.msi
  5. Install Python 2.6
  6. Get the rooter from subversion:
  7. Run inside of the rooter in subversion, it'll output a bunch of lines. If you see an error, join the irc ( #webos-internals)
  8. Turn on the wifi on your pre. Get your pre's IP address, and you can telnet into it (username: root)

Mac OS X:

  1. Download the WebOS image
  2. Rename this file to .zip, and extract it
  3. untar resources/NovacomInstaller.pkg.tar.gz (tar -xzvf)
  4. run NovacomInstaller.pkg
  5. click through the installer
  6. put your Pre in dev mode following instructions above
  7. connect to your mac via USB cable ( no need to select a mode, doesn't seem to matter )
  8. cd /opt/nova/bin
  9. ./novaterm
  10. At this point you should have root