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An early peek at Flickr Nearby App for the Palm Pre

Update: It wasn't something he actually planned to release (But could). Move along.

Update #2: Matthew made a new post giving a little background and how the app was build.

A little more than a week ago, Palm decided it was time to allow developers that has been kept silent to freely discuss/show their upcoming apps and webOS development. Well today, Matthew Rothenberg, who currently does product strategy slash management at Flickr, did just that. He released some mouth-watering photos of 'Flickr Nearby' app on the Palm Pre. 

"Not bad for maybe 30-40 lines of Javascript! (and most of that setting up UI stuff)
Revised Mojo SDK end user agreement means I can share these photos now, phew.

Apps for our Pres are on its way! Woot!

Rest of the photos after the break.

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Sprint Business Unit now Training online for Palm Pre - Sprint Employees fired for discussing Pre

BREAKING NEWS: This just in from a close 'ninja' "insider" pal. Sprint's business unit has confirmed that they have already been training with the Palm Pre via an online training module. This would include all managers and personal related to the Palm Pre above the retail sector. This does not include the 'store advocates' as previously mentioned in our other posts.

The Business Unit managers have been training online with the Palm Pre for a couple of weeks and a few of the Sprint staff have been allowed to take home the Pre for full evaluation use. This explains the many sightings of the Palm Pre in the wild. While unconfirmed at this point, the May 7 store training is NOT official by any means and was a date suggested. This has also been confirmed with an 'advocate' at the store level. But I was told that the training will be at the store level shortly and that the June 7, 2009, is a possible release date. I was also told to be ready for a 'super' ad blitz unlike any we have seen by Sprint/Palm.

UPDATE: I was just informed Sprint Store Employees have been fired for discussing the Palm Pre with anyone outside of Sprint. One of my ninja's "insider" had a store meeting recently and three employees were handed their checks in the middle of the meeting and told that they were being let go for talking about the Palm Pre. According to the NDA signed by employees - they are not allowed to discuss this information with anyone. Similar Interests