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New Apps and Updates for December 11th, 09

Seems like only yesterday when the Pre first came out with less than 20 apps.

New Apps:

Football Fans by Brighthouse Labs, $0.99
Los Angeles Times by The Los Angeles Times, Free
RadioTime by Radiotime Inc, Free
Yule Log by GoML Software, $1.43
Bell TV Pay-per-Vu! by Bell, Free 


New apps and updates in the App Catalog 12-01-09

More apps and updates in the App Catalog. We see a few new ones every few hours. Still waiting for that to be a permanent trend but we will see. I'll keep this short. On to the list!

New Apps:

Space Alarm by Fu: FREE

Locate-A-Rama by 8-bit development: FREE

Memory Master by RabbitByte Software: $0.99

Picasa On Phone by Tinybolt: $1.99

Sunrise Sunset! by Brett Cata: $0.99

Boggle by EA: $4.99

Coool-Drinks by science apps: $1.49

optionsXpress Mobile by optionsXpress, Inc: FREE

VLC Remote Free by Hobbyist Software: FREE

Updated Apps:

WeatherBug Elite

Cool Tip Calculator

Photo Fun: Spot The Difference Pro

Photo Fun - Spot The Missing Pieces Free

Photo Fun - Spot The Difference (Free)


ZIP Code Tools


Super Hangman Pro

Word Whirl


Photo Fun: Spot The Missing Pieces Pro

SMS MMS Email Emoticons

MyQ For Netflix

The Weather Channel



Elite GP

Radio Hibiki



New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-30-09

A few new apps landed in the App Catalog today. We also received a few new updates to some apps over the past couple days and those will be thrown in the list as well. We have another Twitter app, Topple Ball, and Friendsbook are some notable additions. Yes we too are hoping that soon there will be enough apps in the catalog that it will no longer be news worthy, however we are still under 500 so that means every app holds a place in our heart and must be mentioned! So lets move on to the list shall we.

Check out the list of new apps and updates after the break...

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New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-25-2009


Again another handful of apps hit the App Catalog. We are up to 476 now and inching slowly towards that 500 mark. My guess is we will have 500 by sunday. Well it looks like today YAHTZEE is the word of the day, or Switcharoo. Another group of apps with quite a few impressive selections. It is looking like a few more fart apps are there, some more Sudoku, a couple more calculators, you name it. Lets get on to the official list of new apps.


Check out the list of new and updated apps after the break...


New Apps:

Speed Dial Plus by 8-bit development: $0.99

iFart by Doin: $4.99

Enjoy Sudoku by Jason Linhart: $2.99

Yahtzee by Electronic Arts, Inc: $4.99

ZipDX Conferencing by ZipDX LLC: FREE

TVMCalc by JSC Labs: $4.95

pMirror by Doin: FREE

Bible Reader KJV by webOZ Mobile Apps: $2.99

QuickSuite by Shanerooni, LLC: $2.99

Word Magic by Anusen: $1.25

Virtual Keyboard by GP Imports: $0.99

Timepiece by ZeroPointSoftware: $1.99

Guitarist's Reference Free by FREE

MemoryUpgrade by Xybyresoft: $2.99

Amazing Backrounds by Dijit: $0.99

Awesome Sayings Wallpaper by Dijit: $0.99

Ditto by Revision X Games: $0.99

Don't Taze Me Man by WizzardApps: $0.99

Word Find by Ovite: $1.95

Loan Analyzer by Lakshmi Solutions, LLC: $1.95

PreoTagger by RJAM Development: $1.99

David and Goliath Expressions 2 by Dijit: $0.99

Always Christmas Wallpapers by Dijit: $0.99

MiCouqui by Rockus Studios, LLC: $0.99

Contact Capture by Broadlock Technologies: FREE

Irish Rain by FREE

FlightBriefer: Mobile Aviators Resource by

iClueless by Gx5: $1.99

Time Spent by OrgOrganization: $2.99

Wallpaper Switcharoo by Orbsix Software: $1.99

David and Goliath by Dijit: $0.99

SudokuPlus Demo by Sierra Blanco Systems: FREE

WOG Card Keeper by WebOS Group: $1.99

Debt Free by Maxine Hammet: $0.99


Updated Apps:



Graphing Calculator

Tire Size Calculator


Bible Trivia


m:Vampire 40 Gems

4:20 Wallpaper

Quick Contacts

Top Stocks



Phone Home


DOF Calculator

Brush Stroke Pro


Dungeon Quest 50 Gems

Blocked Traffic

Pack 'n' Track

Shabbat Shalom



New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-24-2009


23 new apps in the App Catalog today along with a handful of updates. Only 49 to go until we reach 500! Should we celebrate at 500? I am not sure if we should but I still hold out hope for 1,000 apps by January 2010. So todays apps include more fart apps, more note apps, more money mangement apps, and Delicious Morsel's app 'Feeds' that we have all been waiting for. We also finally have the non demo version of Connect 4 and Tetris Mania by Electronics arts which have been demos for most of the Pre's life. So lets move on to the list.

Check out the list of apps and updates after the break...

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New apps in the catalog, developers submit just in time for 1.3.1 and the Pixi

Well we know an update is due any day now, we know the Pixi is coming November 15th, and we know that Palm is working on the speed of WebOS. Could things get any better for WebOS users right now? Some new apps hit the catalog today as well has a huge list of apps that received updates today. Of course we know developers are preparing for the launch of the Pixi and their apps need to be ready but we also know that developers have been testing their apps with 1.3.1. Looks like some developers are ready for the update to hit. Super exciting times for WebOS users and we expect things will keep getting better throughout the holiday season. Keep it up Palm!

Check out the list of new apps and updates after the break. (It is still early in the day and we will of course update the list as Palm adds more apps and updates)

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14 new apps hits App Catalog, none are Pay Apps

Nope, couldn't find any pay apps. But there are 14 spanking new apps for your Pre. Palm, gives us 1.2.0! Again, a few new handy apps to have around and a couple of simple games. Someone needs to port Smart Tac Toe to the Pre, seriously.

New Apps List:

m: Vampire: Facebook's Mafia War like game, but with Vampire.

m: Mafia: Facebook's Mafia War like game.

GolfPinFinder: Golf distance finder and scoring app.

Guitarist's Reference: Looks like a useful app for guitarists.

YPmobile for Palm Pre: You know Yellow Pages right?

Greeting Card: Card Messages App

bWeather: Simple live weather app.

Snake: Classic Snake game.

Go To Tool Lite: An app for creating and finding GPS waypoints.

Tic Tac Toe: I can beat you in Tic Tac Toe.

FreeWeather: How many weather apps do we need?

PhotoFun: Photos Hunt game.

TMaps  Philly: Road and Transit map for Philly. 


Palm Pre: 10 new Apps, Palm Accepts 3rd Party Google Voice App

Palm is on a roll! They just released another set of 10 apps on to the App catalog. However, it looks like Palm also removed 10 apps from the Catalog, I didn't look in to which was removed specifically. [Update: Palm did not remove 10 apps, the most recent tab only displays up to 50 apps at a time. My mistake.] But the big news is that Palm accepted gDial Pro, a GOOGLE Voice App! Something Apple/ATT rejected a few months back. Kudos to Palm.