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Palm lets us know they are doing okay, huge plans set for 2010 including more carriers

Palm had a meeting this morning discussing their plans and Jon Rubinstein briefly discusses some of their road map for 2010. Though it feels like recently Palm's momentum has taken a turn for worst as the Droid, Hero, and Eris come out here in the States making it Android's time to shine,  it seems Palm isn't too concerned at this point and neither are analysts. They also talk a little bit about where Palm is at financially and after their last big sale in Palm stock things are looking bright and Palm plans on investing it all into applications, code, WebOS, and marketing in 2010.

Check out what Palm has to say about their plans for 2010 after the break...

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Stay connected with Palm news and updates on Twitter

Palm is a Twitteraholic for sure! They keep us updated when new versions of WebOS are out, when there are Palm Pre or Palm Pixi giveaways. They always keep us up to date. Here are the important Palm twitter accounts to follow!

@Palm  <- This Twitter account is everything general to Palm. Sometimes they answer questions, sometimes they retweet news or pictures and have giveaways for the Pre/Pixi all the time and let us know when new updates are out.

@WebOSDev <- This Twitter account usually gives us updates or guidelines for anything regarding the WebOS SDK and anything regarding WebOS Developers including sometimes responding to general questions and giving tips.

@PalmNewApps <- This Twitter account is brand new as of today and was set up to let us know whenever they add to or update the Palm App Catalog. This is great so we can download brand new apps the minute they arrive in the App Catalog.

Also notable accounts from us at Prethinking you can follow:

@PreThinking <- Which will always give you the latest news that is here on the blog.

@Blayze04 <- Writer for PreThinking who can answer questions or concerns regarding WebOs or your Pre and will let you know what new things are coming from Palm.

@FoneFrenzy <- Writer for Prethinking and FoneFrenzy sites always has something interesting to say and is always on top of all Phone news even outside of Palm.


Palm has added a browsable 'apps' section to their site

Now that there are a few more apps coming into the catalog, and it's starting to slowly feel like there are a lot of choices, Palm has added an apps section to their site. This is really convenient for those of you who don't have a WebOS device yet or are on a PC and want to browse through app categories on a bigger screen. It is a convenient tool and possibly a location for us to get apps outside of the App Catalog in December when the developer program fully opens up. So if you haven't seen it yet go check it out here.


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Industry Group: It's OK for Apple's iTunes to Block Palm Pre Sync

Apple Inc. appears to have clearance from an industry group to block rival Palm Inc.'s Pre phone from connecting with iTunes software. 

Palm complained to the group in July that Apple was improperly using its USB vendor code to block competitors. But the group disagreed in a letter sent to both companies Tuesday.

The letter also warned that if Palm updates the Pre's software to include Apple's vendor code — a move Palm indicated in its complaint that it planned to make in order to restore the iTunes feature — it would violate the group's rules.

The group asked Palm to clarify its intent and respond within a week about the potential violation.

Palm spokesman Derick Mains said the company contacted the USB group because it believes consumers should be able to decide how they use media they own that is not subject to copy-protection restrictions. He said Palm is reviewing the letter and will respond if it thinks it is appropriate.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said the company had no comment.

The iTunes spat is part of a larger rivalry building between Apple and Palm, whose chairman and CEO, Jon Rubinstein, once was an executive at Apple and oversaw the iPod. The Pre includes a "multi-touch" screen like Apple's iPhone, which lets users do things like pinch the screen to zoom in and out of photos.

PreCentral reported earlier today that webOS 1.2.1 will be delayed but that the new release will fix the iTunes sync. Considering it was report that the iTunes initial sync was just shy of two and a half hours to repair, we would have to bet that we haven't heard the end of this battle.


Palm Posts Fiscal First-Quarter Earnings Report; Sells 823,000 Units

Investors love affair with Palm earlier this year has come to a head with the fiscal first-quarter earnings report released by Palm today. There has been serious debates, ahead of the earnings report, over how many Pre phones have been actually sold in the first full quarter of availability. Now we have the full story and it was better than expected.

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Palm Pixi kicks Palm Pre off homepage of Palm


Palm Pixi has officially taken over Palm's homepage, you'll find Pixi's specs, gallery, features, along with it's new Palm Pixi Artist Series skins. I'm not gonna lie, the more I look at the Pixi, the more I want one, the small screen size is the only thing holding me back.

If you're reading PreThinking, and didn't get a Pre, are you considering the Pixi now?


BREAKING: Palm Announces The Pixi; Arrives At Sprint Later This Year


Engadget got their hands on an early model of the Palm Pixi. The new device is headed over to Sprint this holiday season. We will have our own review here shortly but until then, head on over to engadget and check out their review.



We Are Blogging Live Today From Palm's HQ In Sunnyvale PreDevCamp Meeting

We are blogging live today from Palm's Headquarters in Sunnyvale. Check back later today for a full update from the PreDevCamp meeting.

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