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MotionApps shows off new Gallery of Classic Apps.

Head on over to MotionApps right now, and check out their new gallery showcasing 35 different Palm OS apps running on the webOS. Nothing mind blowing, but worth checking out.


PalmOS Emulation on Palm Pre (video demo)

Palm demoed the MotionApps's Classic PalmOS emulator at CTIA today.  It works like any other WebOS apps, a live card. So you can switch between WebOS and PalmOS with a simple swipe.  It comes with the default set of PalmOS apps like World Clock, and Epocrates.   As long as your Palm Pre is licensed.  App updates will be available over the air.

One of the most innovative apps is Epocrates. Epocrates is widely used in the medical profession for: proper diagnosing, drug information, tables/calculations, drug interactions, formulating information. Epocrates can also be useful for the average Joe, to easily tell you the proper dosage for adults and children. How useful would it be to be able to use your Palm Pre and in a matter of moments pull up the proper dosage of Motrin for your sick child or spouse. From a parents point of view this would be great information to have on hand at any time necessary.  On a personal level - I know that there has been more than one time that I needed to check the dosage on an over the counter medication for my sick child.

Through Classic the app should run approximately twice as quick on the Palm Pre opposed to on the Treo 700p.  There are some possible adjustments you may have to do, you can contact Palm to see what possible adjustments that would need to be made.


Palm Pre to support Palm OS apps

We got some great news for those that wish to use their Palm OS applications on the upcoming Palm Pre. During a Pre demo, Dieter over at precentral, spotted an app labeled "classic" within Pre's launcher. It sounds to me like the webOS will support legacy Palm OS apps! When asked by Dieter on what the classic app does, the rep told him "we'll answer that in awhile." So I guess that might be the "update" on the Palm Pre they're hinting us at.

[via precentral]


Do the guys behind TealOS have a Palm Pre?

We had a short interview with Vince Lee, the President/Founder of TealPoint Software, the guys behind many of the great software for the PalmOS, including the TealOS. Seeing how amazing the TealOS is and how short of a time they got it done, we suspected that they had knowledge of Palm Pre/WebOS prior to CES 09. So we just had to ask him a couple of questions, and this is how it went. 

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Get the Pre experience on your Palm OS 5 device, sorta

What seems to be WebOS at first glance is actually TealOS, a downloadable WebOS-like skin for older Palm devices with PalmOS 5 (They offer a Trial version and a Full Version for $14.95 USD). The Software is loaded with parallel features of the WebOS including, live cards (multiple applications opened at once), and even the popup wave launcher. In other words, it'll will transform your clunky palm device(s) to a spanking new Pre, kinda...


From what I've heard, the TealOS is a bit sluggish and quite a few bugs that needs fixing. If you're gonna download the Skin to your Palm device and pretend you're playing with the pre, we'd love your feedback on it! 

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