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Review: Palm Pre 1400mAh Extended battery, Test Results

It's known for a fact that a full charge of Pre's standard 1150mAh battery will get you through a whole day, just barely. What if you're in a situation where you needed just 30 or 40 minutes more on your phone? Yeah, you could always buy another standard battery as backup for $49.99 $37.95. OR you can purchase an extended battery, like Amzer's 1400mAh extended battery for the Palm Pre. It adds no extra bulk, and offers up to 20% more juice!

We got one of the 1400mAh extended battery for review, and I will have to say that after going through a few testing, the battery does offer about 15%-18% more juice (depending on what you're running on the phone). And it doesn't take much longer to get a full charge either. Read on for our mini review and comparison of the Standard and extended battery for the Pre.

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