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Hardware-Accelerated DOOM on the Pre


Innovative 3D games on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi may be just around the corner. With the release of webOS 1.3.5, Palm has apparently slipped in a software library called 'Simple Directmedia Layer' or SDL. What's SDL you ask? It's a cross-platform software library that gives developers a low-level hardware access, so they can add things like accelerated 3D graphics. With all this happening, devleoepr zsoc was able to port the game DOOM onto the Pre with functioning keyboard controls. To get the game on your Pre involves some work with the Terminal app, but the developer promises an easier solution soon.

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WebOS 1.3.2 released to Pixi owners, Pre still pending?


According to forum members over at Precentral have been receiving update 1.3.2 on their Pixi's. There is still no official change log released so we don't know what has changed  just yet. After the laundry list of bugs that have shown up in 1.3.1 this would be a welcome update for both Pixi and Pre ownsers alike. Hopefully this will pop up on our Pre's soon. We will keep you posted as we find out details and when the change log is released. Notice anything different in your Pixi? Let us know in comments.


Palm Pre Finally Coming to China?

Reports are sprouting up again that Palm's Pre is headed to a telecom in China soon. As reported back in August on Engadget, it states [via Financial Times] "China Telecom is planning to offer the Palm to its subscribers."

Cut to November 2009 and today a Reuters article states: "China Telecom hopes to have released BlackBerry handsets by the end of the year or early next year, said the source, adding that the firm is also in talks with Palm to release Palm smartphones in the same time period."

The fact that China Telecom needs competitive phones like the Pre and Blackberry's in their lineup to compete with the big boys bodes well for the smaller company. This would result in better, world-wide exposure for the webOS and allow Palm to develop even better handsets in the long run.


Palm Pre Drops to $80 At Best Buy For 3 Days Only

Oh Palm Pre, why do you torment us so much? With the Holidays around the corner this week, two major shopping events are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The one time of year retailers have to 'get into the black' for the year.

The coming weekend deals will be plentiful for two reasons: Retailers aren't making the dough like they used too and the economy is still in the tank despite what the Wall Street wants you to hear.

With that, Best Buy has decided to bring you the Palm Pre for $79.99 for three days only beginning with Black Friday. So if you have been sitting on the fence since June to pick up a Pre, now is a good as time as any to head on over to Best Buy and grab yourself a pretty good deal.


WebOS 1.3.1 now available for download in Europe

WebOS 1.1.3's life has finally come to an end. On O2 in Europe WebOS 1.3.1 is now available. The full feature list between 1.2.0 to 1.3.1 is pretty huge so take a gander at the list. We have also put out a list of WebOS 1.3.1 hidden features here. WebOS has come quite a ways in the last five months so enjoy Europe!


Feature list for WebOS 1.2.0 here

Feature list for WebOS 1.2.1 here

Feature list for WebOS 1.3.1 here


WebOS SDK 1.3.1 change log released

With each big update comes a Mojo SDK update as well. A new API and some more documentation. Palm still has a lot of work to do when it comes to the SDK but every little thing helps. Here is the change log posted on their site.

Mojo SDK 1.3.1 Now Available, featuring Pixi emulator support and docs enhancements

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Now that Palm Pixi is on the verge of shipping, we’ve released both webOS version 1.3.1 and the new version of the Mojo Software Development Kit.

The highlights of the Mojo SDK version 1.3.1 release are the following;

  • Enhanced Pixi support in emulator
  • API to keep screen from auto-dimming
  • Auto-generation of app Help / Support scene
  • Numerous framework doc enhancements

Elaborating a bit on the last item, we’ve heard the developer community’s feedback about webOS docs loud and clear. You’ll see the first efforts to expand, clarify, and improve quality of the docs with this release. Notably, we’ve provided new step-by-step installation instructions, with more thorough information about how to get your system ready before you download and install the SDK. Start on our Download page by selecting the version of the SDK you’d like to use.

For more complete information about Mojo SDK Version 1.3.1, see the Release Notes on webOSdev.



Palm Pre is headed to Mexico's Telcel November 27th

We've heard rumors before that Mexico was getting the Pre but now it is official. A post at the official Palm Blog says the Palm Pre is headed to Mexico on November 27th. The Palm Pre will be exclusive to TelCel in Mexico. Palm doesn't say specifically what version of WebOS the Pre will have but if WebOS version unity is to happen this month that there is hope that WebOS 1.3.1 should be available the day of or shortly after the launch. Palm doesn't mention the Pixi at all but we assume all but the Pixi should be out on multiple carriers around the world either by the end of the year or in the first half of 2010. For those of you who are living on the other side of the boarder hoping to get your hands on a non CDMA Palm Pre. Your wish is Palm's command. Head over to the official Telcel site and listen to their catchy song with Pre video. also Palm's site has a spanish Palm Pre layout similar to the Pixi and Palm Pre home page.

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Adobe Bringing Flash 10.1 To webOS In First Half Of 2010


Adobe has announced that Flash Player 10.1 will be coming to a webOS device to you in the first half of 2010. Hope this will mean sooner (like January) than later.

On October 5th of this year at Adobe Max, Adobe Labs announced the release of the Flash 10.1 player and would be available in a Beta program to users. In a statement released on Adobe Labs website, it states "Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 is the first runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. With support for a broad range of mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, smartbooks and other Internet-connected devices, Flash Player 10.1 allows your content to reach your customers wherever they are. A beta is expected to be available for Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and desktop systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux later this year."

The Open Screen Project was institued by an industry-wide initiative, led by Adobe and backed by other industry leaders who all share one clear vision: Enable consumers to engage with rich Internet experiences seamlessly across any device, anywhere.

See the video below to see how the webOS will look with Flash 10.1.