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Quick Review: Snap-on Back Protector for Palm Pre - Amzer

Here is another product for the Palm Pre from Amzer. Out of the packaging, you'll get a case, er, back cover cover, a screen protector and cleaning cloth. Something worth noting is that the screen protector is not like of the Ghost Armor or InvisibleSHIELD, but more like those static cling window film/decoration.

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Use Protection: Cheap Gesture Area covering cases (Use protection, just not with these)

I bought one of those cheap cases on eBay before the official launch, just so that I can get a feel of how small tiny the puppy is. Since I have it in-hand, why not do a quick pros/cons on it right?

Pros: You're forced to use the 'center button', the very first time.

Cons: If it feels cheap, it's cheap: Cheap plastic, design flaw -- covers the gesture area, keyboard unusable (literally... You can't slide out the keyboard).

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Sprint Stores are Packed with People Buying Palm Pre

Went into a couple of local Sprint stores in California and phones were already sold out of the Palm Pre. In addition, there were numerous chargers in the store but a few employees noted that the touchstone chargers were not selling as fast as the phones were. One thing my fiancée noticed was the music in the background, which didn't even faze me. The music that was playing the hour I was the first store was U2. Looks like part of Bono's US $82.3 million investment, besides Palm shares rising to $13.00 per share, but has Bono cut a deal with Palm/Sprint to supply music to the stores? I noticed this at a few of the stores I visited today.

As the stores staff was overwhelmed at one point, so I decidedly stepped in to assist customers with their questions. One lady sent herself an email and she didn't know how to remove it from the handset. Another was trying to add a number to text someone and forgot to put the area code. One of the main gripes I heard from a few customers was why there wasn't any video. I explained to them that Palm is now working with a development community and has only released the SDK to a handful of 'trusted' developers but that the customers could expect video within the next several months. We know the folks over at preDevCamp are probably addressing this issue and so is Palm.


Palm Pre leather case by Piel Frama

I'm sure most of us will go out of our way to protect our soon-to-be owned Palm Pre's. If you're a fan of leather cases, then Piel Frama got you covered. They're offering hand-made leather cases for your Palm Pre in 5 different colors to give you some preferences. How much will it run for? Get it now for only 80 EUR or about $144(Shipping included)! Ridiculous...right?

[Thanks, Matt.]

Product Discription:

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Sprint Stores selling the Touchstone Bundle package early, for just $50?

Updated on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 4:59PM by Registered CommenterPreThinking

A member over at everythingpre forums scored a TouchStone charger with the special back cover included 4 days ahead the official launch of the Palm Pre. He got it for only $50, which is the rumored price for just the charger without the back cover. Which ever the case is, go to your nearest Sprint Store and report back in the comment section of your findings!

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Palm Pre Accessories shows up in BestBuy's System -- 'TouchStone kit' priced at $69.99

Well looky here... Several Palm Pre accessories landed in BestBuy's system today. According to lgmack, it included 3 acrylic cases, a leather case, one case labeled 'palm pre case' and the "TouchStone Kit"(Charger with battery back cover). He mentioned that the Touchstone is listed at $69.99 which matches fits quite well with earlier reports. He also noted that though these accessories are listed as "In Stock Date: 5/10", he didn't find anything in the store yet

What does this say about the Pre's release date? Not much, but soon. What I can tell you though is that the chances of a mid-May release is looking very dim right now. Your best bet would be on 6/7.

We'll be following this story very closely, so check back for possible updates.


Palm Pre available from Chinese Accessories wholesaler? 

An anonymous tipster and treocentral forums have pointed out that new Palm Pre photos had surfaced on a chinese treo forum. The photos were taken by Ludle International, a wholesaler company in China that produces and sells electronic accessories and parts. The forum poster(likely an employee of Ludle), apparently had some time with the Pre and noted some interesting tidbits; the Palm Pre feels smaller than the iPhone, Pre's plastic screen is less scratch resistant than iPhone's glass screen, the back of the Pre is much more scratch resistant than the iPhone's but loves fingerprints, and, last but not least, the Palm Pre is currently being mass produced right now, and it's going to be on the market real soon. After checking around the site with the help of Google Translate, although not 100% sure what the deal is, it looks like they're doing wholesale on Palm Pre's.

I'll try to get more information on this once it's morning over at China.

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