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App Catalog hits 1,000th App


It's 2010 and the App catalog has finally reach its 1,000 App milestone! Go Palm and the developers!

Happy New Year!


New apps and updates in the App Catalog 11-24-2009


23 new apps in the App Catalog today along with a handful of updates. Only 49 to go until we reach 500! Should we celebrate at 500? I am not sure if we should but I still hold out hope for 1,000 apps by January 2010. So todays apps include more fart apps, more note apps, more money mangement apps, and Delicious Morsel's app 'Feeds' that we have all been waiting for. We also finally have the non demo version of Connect 4 and Tetris Mania by Electronics arts which have been demos for most of the Pre's life. So lets move on to the list.

Check out the list of apps and updates after the break...

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New Apps and Updates for November 21 09

New Apps:

  • WingedCurator, by WingedChariot: Free
  • PostAll Lite, by 2/12 Media: Free
  • Free Klondike Solitaire, by Free
  • BMI calc, by verticalshots: Free
  • Forbes Intelligent Investing, by Forbes: Free

Updated Apps:

  • FlashCards
  • Dot Game
  • m:Vampire
  • Fliq Notes
  • FlashCards Lite
  • Twee Free
  • Flixster
  • Card Ace: Hold 'Em
  • Dungeon Quest
  • Mileage Monitor
  • AccuWeather

New apps and updates in the WebOS App Catalog

WebOS 1.3.1 has been launched very early this morning. Tomorrow is Pixi day and this means last minute tweaks to apps are still taking place to prepare for the Pixi. Here is a run down of some of the new apps in the catalog as well has what has been updated. Yes Palm finally put their Facebook app in the App Catalog and yes Palm needs to add way more features to it. It is a start though.

Check out the list of new and updated apps after the break...

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App Catalog: Now at 257 Apps. Twee, Blocks, FlashCards, Timebits, and more


A handful of new apps got in the App Catalog today, some very exciting apps I must say. Official Twee app is finally here and Trapster is back after getting pulled for a fix. And of course, some more tip calculators...

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Waiting for the high profile apps to hit the App Catalog?

The App Catalog has come a long way since day one. As we saw earlier today the catalog now has over 200 apps. This is amazing progress and it is very exciting to see but, yes but, we have one big but that everybody has on their minds. Where are the high profile applications we are all waiting for?

Of course we want to support the smaller developers and all their hard work. It is all very much appreciated and some of the apps that have hit the catalog are very intuitive. However, there is a list of apps people are expecting to hit the catalog and these apps are on almost every other platform and they are very important if Palm wants its App Catalog to be one of the driving factors for the WebOS platform. these are the apps from the big already well known companies/developers. We have heard rumors about some of these, but have no solid dates and don't even know if we will for sure be getting any of these. I have taken upon myself to compile a short list of apps that are in dire need to get to the App Catalog for Palms sake. This is the list of apps and these apps really need to be here soon. In my opinion some need to be here before the holidays if Palm wants to really attract the Christmas shoppers. Check out the list after the break.


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Palm has added a browsable 'apps' section to their site

Now that there are a few more apps coming into the catalog, and it's starting to slowly feel like there are a lot of choices, Palm has added an apps section to their site. This is really convenient for those of you who don't have a WebOS device yet or are on a PC and want to browse through app categories on a bigger screen. It is a convenient tool and possibly a location for us to get apps outside of the App Catalog in December when the developer program fully opens up. So if you haven't seen it yet go check it out here.


[Via Palm]


New in the App Catalog: ActiveCard, dkGoogleVoice, Brick, PopBlocks and more

Total Apps available in App Catalog now at 177.

Full list of the New Paid Apps for October 16, 2009 (21):

Hebrew Calendar ($2.99): A Hebrew Calendar that has a similar UI as the stock calendar app.

Color Clip ($0.99): The goal of ColorClip game is to clear the board by removing the marbles by selecting two or more of the same color.

Tank Tracker ($1.99): Keep track of the fuel efficiency of multiple vehicles.

Golf Craddie ($9.99): Golf App

Peg IQ ($0.99): Try to clear all but one peg by jumping the pegs and removing the one you just jumped.

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