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Test Result for Amzer's 3800mAh Extended Battery for Palm Pre


Results may vary.

There you have it, the test results for every extended batteries from Amzer and the OEM battery for Palm Pre. Nothing too surprising, just as I expected. 

Been personally using the 2800mAh for a month now, works really well.

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Test Result for Amzer's 2800mAh Extended Battery for Palm Pre

Results may vary.

Our test result for the Amzer 2800mAh extended battery for Palm Pre is here ! We went through 5 battery cycles before recording the result, in order for our test to be near accurate. These tests are done with the Pre running Pandora, EVDO ON, BT OFF, email push ON. And the charge time test is done charging via the Wall Outlet, with the same settings.

Our test results shows that the 2800mAh does you more than twice the juice the standard battery offers. And stunned by how fast it takes to get a full charge.

Test result for the 3800mAh will be on the site in 2-3 days.

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Newer Palm Pres are better build, added improvements, fixes resetting issue


If you're an early Pre adapter like myself that nabbed one of the first batches of Palm Pres, then chances are you experienced it firsthand or have heard of some of the build quality issues surrounding the first shipments of Palm Pres. Although the particular Pre I got was one of the solid ones. Palm acted swiftly from the reports, and looks like Pres manufactured in July and up, fixes some of the issues. 

I took 20 people that bought a Palm Pre in the last 15 days and found some interesting things. These Pres were manufactured between 7/1 and 7/29 and are in the "sunset" box.

Screen Cracking

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In-depth Look at Palm Pre Super Extended Battery! 2800mAh and Monstrous 3800 mAh, get your Pre running for days.

Updated on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 10:43PM by Registered CommenterPreThinking

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So you got a Palm Pre, love everything about it but the battery life and maybe the lack of official apps. We know come Fall, the App Catalog will be exploding with cool apps. So only thing left is the battery life. You can buy a 1400mAh extended battery that will add about 20% more juice to your Pre, which we reviewed just days ago. I'm sure this is enough for a day's worth. But if you need your Pre running for 2 or even 3 days with out a single charge, you can go with Amzer's 2800mAh extended battery or Amzer's 3800mAh super extended battery. Both of the 'super extended batteries' comes with their own battery door due to the size increase of the battery. And also note that these back covers are not TouchStone compatible, maybe in the future.

Read on for our In-depth look and comparison of the standard and extended batteries + back cover. And stay tune for our Test results in the coming days. You can read the test results of the 1400mAh here.

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Review: Palm Pre 1400mAh Extended battery, Test Results

It's known for a fact that a full charge of Pre's standard 1150mAh battery will get you through a whole day, just barely. What if you're in a situation where you needed just 30 or 40 minutes more on your phone? Yeah, you could always buy another standard battery as backup for $49.99 $37.95. OR you can purchase an extended battery, like Amzer's 1400mAh extended battery for the Palm Pre. It adds no extra bulk, and offers up to 20% more juice!

We got one of the 1400mAh extended battery for review, and I will have to say that after going through a few testing, the battery does offer about 15%-18% more juice (depending on what you're running on the phone). And it doesn't take much longer to get a full charge either. Read on for our mini review and comparison of the Standard and extended battery for the Pre.

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